Among BMW enthusiasts, the 1 Series M is the stuff of legends. As sort of a Frankenstein car, the BMW 1 Series M was built from bits of various different BMWs. So when it first debuted, there was a slot of skepticism about how good it would be. On top of that, it was heavily criticized for being a turbocharged M car and not having a bespoke M engine. However, all of those criticisms dissipated the moment those same enthusiasts drove it.

Now, the BMW 1 Series M is largely considered to be the best driving modern BMW of them all. The current BMW M2 is said to get close but the 1M is still the king of the modern era. In this new video from Nick Murray, we get some insight on the 1M from a recent BMW owner. Murray recently had a BMW M4, a car he liked very much. However, it’s clear that he’d prefer the 1 Series M, as he continues to rave about it in this video.


Driving down some twisty back roads, Murray has only good things to say about the way it drives. He’s admittedly in its favorite territory, as twisty back roads are where the 1M calls home. You can see how stiff it is, due to how wildly bumpy the ride seems to be. However, none of that matters, as it’s just so much fun to drive. The BMW 1 Series M is basically a go-kart for adults and Murray seems to agree.

While the 1 Series M isn’t the best highway car or cruiser, as its short gearing, noisy cabin and harsh ride make it too uncomfortable for such things, keep it on tight, twisty roads and it will reward you with some of the best driving dynamics you’ll feel from any modern car. There’s a good reason why BMW enthusiasts love it so much and this video shows that reason off.