There’s no better way to really understand a car, get in touch with a car, than to take it on a cross-country road trip. Long distances with a mixture of different roads, scenery and weather allow one to truly become acquainted with a car. If you ever have the chance to take a long-distance road trip in a true driver’s car, like the BMW M2, do it, as there’s no better bonding experience between man and machine. And that’s exactly what Automobile’s Rory Jurnecka recently did. 

Traveling from Howell, Michigan all the way to Los Angeles, Jurnecka drove the BMW M2 around 2,500 miles, though several States worth of different scenery, types of roads and weather. A lot of the trip, through States like Indiana, Iowa and Nebraska, the roads were quite boring. Long straights of traffic-filled highways can make driving an M2 mind-numbing. While some of the scenery can be quite beautiful, a rear-wheel drive sports car like the BMW M2 needs a dance around and long straights don’t allow for such things.

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However, once in Colorado, it was finally able to move about and string together some corners while on the famous Pike’s Peak. Its astonishing elevation can only be reached by snaking through serpentine roads that climb a massive hill, draped in a stunning backdrop. Pike’s Peak is famous for its hill climb, which is one of the trickiest in the world. While it can be a bit slow in places, as traffic can bog it down, it’s well worth taking in a proper sports car.

Finally, the road trip’s last stop before reaching Los Angeles was Las Vegas, where the trip ended with a The Who concert and a few beers. The Who in Vegas after 2,500 miles in a BMW M2? Sounds like a fantastic road trip.

[Source: Automobile Magazine]