If you live in America, you’ve probably heard of the devastating wildfires that are destroying parts of California. Evacuations have been underway and families have to leave their homes. It’s really quite awful. One BMW collector, Jim Smith, in Sonoma has had to evacuate his home but that would mean leaving behind several vintage BMWs that are not only worth quite a lot but mean a lot to him.

Some of the cars Smith has in his collection include a 1929 Dixi, two BMW 502 Baroque Angels and even the ever-so-beautiful BMW 328 Roadster. These are the sorts of cars that absolutely need saving.

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Smith needed to get his Bimmers out of harms way but several of them hadn’t run in years and there was no way he could get all of them out by himself. So he reached out to fellow BMW CCA members for help. Thankfully, the BMW CCA community is tight and they jumped to help.

One of the CCA members, and BMW enthusiast, Jason Cammisa, whom you probably know from his stint with Motor Trend. Cammisa was able to drive the BMW 328, on his birthday no less. Road & Track asked Cammisa about the experience of driving the 328, one of the most iconic BMWs of all time. “It was shockingly good,” said Cammia. “I’ve driven 1960s cars that were not as fast, easy and composed as that 328. It was no-joke fast.” While the drive happened under pretty rough circumstances, we’re quite jealous of Cammisa.

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But that’s not the story, here. The story is how a bunch of BMW CCA members came together to help save a man’s collection. With all of the madness in the world, lately, stories like these sort of restore our faith in humanity.

Pictures of the incredible BMWs and the story can be seen here. Check it out, it’s worth a read.

[Source: BMW CCA]