BMW will further close the gap between the current 340i model and the future M3 in a new strategy by taking a step in sportsmanship with the renewal of the model, which could inherit the carbon fiber roof from its M brothers.

In recent months we have been able to see numerous spy photos of the new G20 BMW 3 Series, a model we expect to debut at the end of 2018 and with the first deliveries scheduled for 2019.  Among all the spy photos we have seen, what stood out were the standard models, the hybrid 325e or the M Sport Package giving a sportier image to the model still under development.

But the latest images that have come to us show an even sportier 3 Series being tested. It is also the first time we see a prototype with the roof completely covered by a black tape. It could be a panoramic roof, but we have never seen manufacturers cover a glass ceiling. So are we looking at a potential carbon roof for the M Performance 3 Series? A carbon roof on a BMW M340i will allow the M Division to offer a competitive sedan in an equally competitive segment, providing superior performance when compared to a “regular” 3 Series.

While the current top model in the 3 Series – the 340i – offers 326 horsepower from the new B57 six-cylinder engine, the future M340i M Performance could bring the power output between 380 and 400 horsepower.



This new model will have more powerful brakes, aluminum alloy wheels and carbon fiber bits, and an xDrive all-wheel drive system with active vectorization with a special adjustment to distribute the power more quickly .

Just like the new G30 5 Series, the new 3 Series is built upon the CLAR architecture. Thanks to CFRP components and a higher proportion of aluminum, the platform allows the new 3 Series to weigh around 40 kg less than the outgoing model, resulting in a sportier drive and lower fuel consumption.

BMW will unveil the new 3 Series in late 2018.

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