Back in 2010, a man by the name of Mike Burroughs decided to make a sort of rat-rod project out of his E28-generation BMW 5 Series. Afterward, his car became quite famous for its pretty insane look. It had tons of rust, slammed to the ground and given some pretty wild body work, hence its new name “Rusty Slammington”. Afterward, the car ended up catching fire in a tragic garage fire and burning pretty badly, destroying it. However, Burroughs brought Rusty back to life and it’s better than ever.

During the re-build, Burroughs actually reused a lot of the body panels, all burnt and rusty, but did have to add some new panels. Those newer panels were given a bath in certain chemicals that help expedite the rusting and aging process, allowing them to match the older panels. It also has massive wheel arches and huge scoops and it looks pretty damn cool, like if Mad Max had a Group 5 racing series. It also gets gold BBS E57 wheels, which look great.

Under the hood, though, it gets even better. It gets the same 3.5 liter I6 engine from an E34-generation BMW M5, except it’s been bored out to 3.7 liters and it’s received and engine tune. So it makes 500 hp, while drinking 110 octane fuel. So it’s a proper motorsport engine, has proper motorsport power and makes a genuine BMW motorsport sound. Helping to put that power to the ground is a pushrod-actuated H&R suspension setup that will certainly help it handle as well as it accelerates.

In this new video, showing that Rusty is back and better than ever, we get to see just how cool it looks on the move and just how fantastic it sounds. Close your eyes and you’re transported back to ’80s and ’90s German Touring Car racing. Rusty Slamminton might not fit everyone’s tastes but we’re glad it’s back.