Hoping for a BMW M2 GTS? Most of us are, but we’ll have to wait a while to see if the M division has any plans to satisfy our wildest dreams. In the mean time, Evolve Automotive has released an aero package which turns the standard BMW M2 into a proper track machine worthy of the GTS name.

Working together with Carbonfiber Dynamics, the M2 Coupe gets styled with a carbon fiber roof and bonnet, which not only gives the car a cool look, but also lowers the weight by 14 kilos and lowering the center of gravity.


Carbonfibre also adorns the M2 with an adjustable boot spoiler as well as front splitter and rear diffuser.

A revised air intake, bespoke exhaust and various software tweaks result in a healthy power bump from 370 to 401bhp, which is transferred to the road via Toyo Proxes R888 semi-slick tires, wrapped around lightweight wheels forged from 6061 aluminum.


The torque sees a significant jump as well, from 343 to 450lb ft. To stop all that power in a fashionable time, the M2 was fitted with a carbon ceramic brake system.

And since a proper track car won’t be proper without some work on the suspension, the tuning duo gave the M2 GTS adjustable monotube coilovers from Bilstein. The B16 units can also drop the ride height by up to two inches, either for race use, or showing off out the front of Harrods.


The end result can be seen here continuing to fuel our dreams of a proper M2 race car in the near future.