Last summer, I drove the outgoing E89-generation BMW Z4 for a week and thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a very flawed but very likable car, one that is still capable of putting smiles on faces. But, let’s face it, it’s time for the E89 Z4 to be put down. Out with the old, in with the new. Taking its place will be the upcoming G29-gen BMW Z4 and it should be a better car. It’s built on a new, better chassis, has better engines and will be significantly lighter, thanks to the new car ditching the heavy folding metal roof for a more traditional soft-top. So, naturally, we’re excited about the upcoming Z4. Some spy photos have recently surfaced that give us another glimpse at the newest Bavarian roadster and we get to see some production-ready headlights (we don’t own the spy photos, but they can be seen here).

While you might be thinking, “Nico, why should we care about spy photos that show us almost the same thing we’ve been seeing for a year?”, I implore you to go and check them out so you can spot something interesting, as the headlights have seemingly changed from the other Z4 pre-production cars we’ve seen before. Typically, BMW headlights have always featured some version of a two-circle, horizontal design. Recently, they’ve become more angular but the idea remains. However, this new BMW Z4 seems to have a slightly different take, one from a very interesting concept.


Looking at the headlights in the spy photos, we can only see the bottom portion of them, as the top is still covered in camouflage. In that bottom portion, there is only one “circle” and not two. At first, you might think BMW may have ditched the two-circle design and just gone with one. Until you look at the BMW Z4 Concept and realize that it has similar headlights and the two “circles” are actually vertical and not horizontal. So the new BMW Z4 will have the same sort headlights from the stunning Z4 Concept.

This is a very encouraging sign, as the new BMW Z4 Concept is possibly the prettiest from the Bavarians in a very long time. We can’t wait to see the new BMW Z4 Roadster uncovered and on the road. We’re even more impatient to drive it.

[Source: CarScoops]