BMW Announces Electric Offensive, Plans to Launch 12 EVs by 2025

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Ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show, where BMW plans to unveil over 10 new models and concepts, a premiere for the Bavarian Group in terms …

Ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show, where BMW plans to unveil over 10 new models and concepts, a premiere for the Bavarian Group in terms of sheer numbers, the officials held a small press conference in Munich to share some of their thoughts regarding the future of the blue and white roundel. During this event, BMW CEO Harald Kruege made a huge announcement regarding the company’s electric future: a new four-door fully electric sedan concept being unveiled in a few days to take directly on Tesla and its offerings.

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During the same conference another big announcement was made. The BMW Group will be keeping up with the trends and still looks forward into the future as it always did. Therefore, the BMW CEO announced that by 2025, the German company will be launching 12 pure electric vehicles which will bring the company’s tally up to a total of 25 in just 7 years.

What surprised most people present was the fact that the BMW Group as a whole will be increasing its electrified efforts and that means the BMW M and Rolls-Royce models will follow the same path. For all of those people out there dreaming of an electric sports car from BMW, it looks like it’s in the making and it may very well be preceded by hybrid offerings. To quote the man himself: “We will be increasing the share of electrified models across all brands and model series. This also includes the Rolls-Royce brand and BMW M vehicles.” Whether that refers to pure EVs, PHEVs or mild hybrids, remains to be seen but the future sure looks exciting.

7 responses to “BMW Announces Electric Offensive, Plans to Launch 12 EVs by 2025”

  1. Ofentse Letsholo says:

    This is bloody awesome I support this all the way, thanks to Tesla for having a strong push on electric cars and Volvo for saying they are going that way in 2yrs time. It really put pressure on a lot of manufacturers. This is beautiful, my favourite car brand taking EVs seriously. :-)

    • Terry Cowan says:

      BMW did their 1st EV prototype over 40 years ago, they had a fleet of EV Mini’s and 1 Series being tested by the public when Tesla were stuffing batteries into other people’s cars. Last year the latter company sold under 6 figures to rich people, Volvo need EV to avoid the capital cost of building anything larger than their 4 cyl. Bavarian MOTOR works have done ICE, aviation, motorcycles, diesel, hydrogen fuel cell, EV, plug-in hybrid, F1 – don’t think they take their cues from lesser manufacturers, they certainly don’t name their vehicles after them. It’s the public that aren’t taking EV seriously. Yet.

      • Ofentse Letsholo says:

        Yeah and that’s why i said pressure was put on a lot of manufacturers. It’s not about who did the fist car but who put their all in pushing it to success. No one took EVs seriously until Tesla, all manufacturers even though they did see success in them but always looked at the negatives and that lead to minimal engineering on EVs. I do however agree with you that the public never took it seriously but that has slowly changed which has lead to more engineering than just being “side projects”.

  2. Hinu says:

    It’s okay. They could’ve started earlier, not cancelling the i5, not letting their incredible i project team slip away to the competitors, actually update the i8’s cells parallel with the i3, update the i3 this year parallel with the Leaf 2 (they’re coming with an even bigger battery soon as well, bigger than the 40 kWh in Leaf 2), be more aggressive with the hybrids, not going back and forth with its plans, not making commercials against EVs (the wait commercial of BMW NA)…

    I’m not too impressed to be honest. People are too easily impressed if you ask me.

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