At this year’s Frankfurt Auto Show, BMW will unveil another significant milestone in their roadmap for e-mobility. BMW CEO Harald Krueger says the new concept”is a vision of how we imagine a four-door, fully-electric vehicle between the i3 and i8. It is a vision we want to realize in the foreseeable future.”

The first images are of a fully covered car which resembles a sedan, with the typical BMW long bonnet and short overhangs, and a sleek roofline on the coupe side. Judging by its stance and low kidney grille, this will likely be the sportiest and prettiest BMW i car to date.

The new electric concept highlights BMW’s commitment to its innovative i sub-brand which by 2025 will include 12 fully electric vehicles.

We believe in the mobility of the future – an individual mobility that is connected and emission-free,” Krueger says. “Modern society needs mobility. For many people, a car is a vital component of their everyday lives. We take our responsibility to society, our customers, our employees, and the environment seriously. That is why we are working hard and fast on the shift towards sustainable mobility.”

BMW will unveil the car during a press conference on Tuesday, September 12.