It was only a few days ago that this Houston, Texas-based E36 M3 owner had to scramble like a madman to jack his car up high enough so the flood from Hurricane Harvey wouldn’t destroy it. We saw this video a couple of days ago and watched as he jacked his M3 up to about chest height and rested it on jack stands which sat atop garden bricks. If you think that sounds unstable and probably unsafe, you’re right. It was but he didn’t have much choice as it was either jack it up like that or have it flooded and destroyed. Now that the flood waters have regressed, it’s time to bring it back down.

In this new video, Cody Crochet has the difficult job or getting his E36 M3 off the garden bricks so it can just sit on the jack stands on the ground. It’s nowhere near as easy as it sounds and it doesn’t sound easy. So he sets out with some help to get it down and it must have taken a very long time because it takes about 15 minutes of time-lapsed video to show it all.

The entire process consisted of using stock BMW jacks of that era, which mount into little slots in the side skirts, to raise it up off the jack stands. Then, he lowers the height of the jack stands and removes a brick from under the BMW jack. Then, he jacks it up again and removes a brick from underneath the jack stand and lowers the car back down onto the stand. He has to do this over and over again, at every corner of the car, until it’s on the ground. Just watching the video, I needed a nap. It looks exhausting.

On the plus side, though, his car was saved from the flood waters. He also gives a bit of an update on his house and the state of repairs, which seem to be underway. It’s good to hear that Crochet, as well as hopefully other Houston natives, is getting on okay after the devastating Hurricane that lambasted the Houston area.