This weekend proved to be quite a good one for the BMW DTM teams as the Saturday Zandvoort race ended with a one-two-three finish for the Bavarians. However, it wasn’t an easy task to achieve and some drivers had a more difficult time than others. Timo Glock definitely wanted to send a message out to Eduardo Montara after the two jousted for a while.

In the video below you can actually see how Glock was blocking the Italian racing driver after he initially blocked Timo from overtaking a while back, causing a rather dangerous situation for everyone involved in the race. Obviously the BMW driver wanted to teach him a lesson and you can actually hear his frustration in the team radio communications, shouting ‘Fu*&ing Idiot” into his radio.

After managing to overtake him, Timo proceeds to block Mortara, ruining his lap time. This happened during qualifications and the drivers were really trying to get their best lap times in so that they could start from a better position on the grid. After this ordeal, Timo Glock has been penalized quite severely, having to start the Sunday race from the last place, instead of fifth, after he had won the Saturday race. Furthermore, the German driver was also fined €3,000 for his conduct.

On the other hand Mortara received a five-second penalty for his behavior and started the Sunday race from just in front of Glock, on the second to last row. However, this is not the first time Mortara does this sort of thing, having picked up a five-place grid penalty earlier for impeding Audi’s Jamie Green. While Jamie didn’t take revenge on the Italian, Timo definitely couldn’t stand this sort of behavior and what we have in the video below may very well end up in the DTM history books.