LEAKED: The All-New 2018 BMW M5

BMW M5, Videos | August 20th, 2017 by 30
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While we’re waiting for the official debut of the brand-new F90-generation BMW M5, a video of it has been leaked by a Chinese website.

In this leaked video, we see pictures of the brand-new BMW M5 a day early of its official debut. In these photos, we can see almost every aspect of the M5’s design, from the outside to the inside and even some of its details. It looks very good.

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From the front, it’s very much a 5 Series, just with massive front air intakes and a nice lower front lip. The wheel arches seem to be flared out a bit as well, which makes it seem more menacing. BMW M’s signature front fender vent also looks really good here. The new 5 Series has always had a chiseled front fender flare and the new vent makes it look very sporty and aggressive.

There are new side mirrors, too. We haven’t seen these before, as they sort of blend the current 5er’s side mirrors with those of the BMW M4, as they don’t connect to the A-pillar at the top.

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Out back, the look is dominated by the M5’s quad exhausts and rear diffuser. All of which look really aggressive and really good. There’s also a small decklid spoiler that really helps the rear end pop. Plus, all of the black and carbon fiber accents on that gorgeous blue really stand out and look sharp.

Personally, I also really like those wheels. They’re new to BMW M and they look really quite good. Not too flashy but not too simple, either. For instance, the standard BMW M3 wheels are a bit boring but the Competition Package’s wheels are a bit too extreme. These are a nice balance. a

Under the hood will be a 4.4 liter twin-turbo V8 with 600 hp, which will be mated to an eight-speed ZF-sourced auto. All 600 horses will power all four wheels, via an M-tuned xDrive all-wheel drive system. The new BMW M5 will also have the ability to switch to “4WD Sport”, which sends most of its power to the rear wheels for more fun and better dynamics, while only sending power to the fronts when needed. There will also be a dedicated “2WD” mode, which switches the car to rear-wheel drive only and keeps it that way until the driver chooses otherwise.

The new BMW M5 will be the fastest accelerating Bavarian of all time, with a 0-60 mph time of 3.2 seconds. So get excited for the official reveal tomorrow, when you’ll get all of the official pictures, facts and informations.

30 responses to “LEAKED: The All-New 2018 BMW M5”

  1. Kaisuke971 says:

    The internet didn’t fail us, it finally leaked ! So far very impressed, the car definitely looks the part (that diffuser tho !) and 3.2s to 60 claimed is just nuts

    • Icebreakerr says:

      3.2 OMG

      • Kaisuke971 says:

        If the M5 is quoted at 3.2 to 60, you know the M8 will do sub 3 easy

        • Icebreakerr says:

          100% what do you think of the red button trims etc? makes it more of an M car with stuff like that to me like more special the seats look so good wanna just sit in them. I had a look in bimmerpost typical american 335i owners hating as usual but most ive seen love it

    • Kryojenix says:

      Still loses to Tesla SP100D. Will be interesting to compare sports handling though.

      • Kaisuke971 says:

        The X6 M corners better than the S P100D already so there is no match here

        • MICHEL DE NOSTREDAME says:

          Anyone in their right mind cross shopping a Tesla with this?

        • Kryojenix says:

          I’ll take that, but are there any citations?

          • Terry Cowan says:

            Ludicrous. More to life than 0-60.

          • Kryojenix says:

            Ludicrous Mode, yes. I know there’s more, but that’s what everyone quotes, including above, so…
            Did you read anything about Tesla handling vs BMW? Got any links?

          • Terry Cowan says:

            No. As a big, heavy, luxury sedan, I’ve never really understood Model S. Bigger isn’t always better.

          • Navid Afzal says:

            Tesla handling? Yeah, the Tesla goes around Nurburgring in like 9 minutes…the time of a Honda Civic.

            Teslas are great cars, but a car company with no racing heritage selling 5000+ pound electric vehicles don’t satisfy gearheads, they’re the Apple iPhones of motoring. They’re not meant to be raced – and the fact that they fast in a straight line is simply a byproduct of their design that Tesla is leveraging (rightly so, get that paper) to increase the badass-ness of the nearly doomed electric vehicle. Hats off to them, they found a market and are changing the game up – but in the end, there’s no point in trying to take the steam out of the launch of the new M5 by raising a Tesla as an opposing point…(assuming you’re not outright trolling).

  2. Terry Cowan says:

    Too aggressive?
    Let’s hope so!

  3. Nipho19 says:

    This just looks all shades of wonderful

  4. Joebin says:

    The video is from a Korean post not Chinese, just saying.

  5. Senne says:

    OMG!!!! Those seats !!! Those red accents in the interior!! :o Those wheels, that diffuser, that front bumper… It’s all so beautiful and aggressive! I’d definitely say it’s TOO aggressive in a world where too much is just right! :D

  6. Hahn says:

    BMW series 5 definitely looks best in luxury package not sure why, seats are amazing finally they did what audi was doing with RS seats…kudos for technical part, with all this new internal combustion satanization this may be last of its kind…

  7. Icebreakerr says:

    love it so aggressive. interior looks amazing. only 1 thing is the wheel design for me, i know they will have more options in future but overall this car is perfect. cant wait for the CS model

    • Kaisuke971 says:

      Yeah these wheels are lowkey ugly to my eyes, maybe in full black they look better

      • Icebreakerr says:

        yes blacked out, i remember the first f10 m5 wheels the spoke type ones then later it changed to the 5 star wheel design i think these ones are standard

  8. Masimba Marangwanda says:

    BMW please, i beg you, take my money!

  9. Will ._.Var says:

    Shut up and take my money!

  10. David says:

    What an amazing car in all its aspects. It looks stunning, also the colour is perfect. How long will it take to have the competition pack available, which is Always frustrating for the early Lucky birds that order this brand new machine…

  11. David says:

    The car looks amazing in every way, but is it just me or is the steering wheel kind of weird looking with those red M buttons on them? I liked the way they were before.

    • Icebreakerr says:

      its a new treatment for all M cars it will have Red highlights its good it will make the interior feel more special as it is an M car

  12. Alexander S says:

    Rear looks amazing! Interior is amazing! It definitely needs Cerium Grey front grills. That chrome in blah…

  13. Earlando Johnson says:

    I remember the reveal of the f10 M5! I was just starting my truck driving career. I wasn’t able to get that one. But fast forward several years and it feels wonderful to be able to afford this one once it’s available. Ain’t God good!? 🙌🏽😇🙌🏽

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