Ahead of its scheduled unveiled today, the new BMW Concept Z4 has been leaked on the Internet. The last Z-model was released almost nine years ago, and the BMW Z4 Concept is finally back again with a bold design. The concept study of the new two-seater from Munich will be celebrating its world debut today at the 2017 the Concours d’Elegance Pebble Beach and was not only eagerly awaited by BMW enthusiasts all over the world, but also by many Japanese customers – the BMW Z4 G29 represent the technical basis of the new Toyota Supra J29 and thus provides some indications as to the cornerstones of the upcoming Nippon sports car.

Both in Europe and in Asia, the focus is on the essentials of a roadster – a long bonnet, a compact interior with space for two people and a short rear end which is indispensable, above all, in relation to the driving pleasure. Compared to previous Z models, the hood and overhangs are somewhat shorter, the occupants tend to be slightly more advanced than before. All side-dominant design features point towards the driven rear wheels, emphasizing the agility of the BMW Z4.

20-inch wheels and the matte paint finish in Frozen Energetic Orange all contribute to the fact that the BMW Z4 will attract a lot of attention among the rare cars of the Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach. The narrow, L-shaped taillights look futuristic and deflect the eye on the rear spoiler integrated into the trunk hood.

The cockpit of the 2018 BMW Z4 Concept was designed primarily for an optimal driving experience. The cockpit is clearly oriented to the driver, a large free-standing infotainment touchscreen is practically at a height with the full-digital instrument display behind the steering wheel and a head-up display provides another way to display information to the driver.

As usual, BMW does not express itself as a driving force behind the concept car. Finally, the focus of the study is on design. An open secret, however, is that the serial vehicle planned for 2018 will provide both variants of the turbo four-cylinder engine B48 and the six-cylinder petrol engine B58 for propulsion.

Stay tuned for more information later today!