Shocking footage was captured by CCTV cameras in Austin, Texas earlier this month, showing what seems to be a scene taken straight out of a Fast and Furious movie. In it, what seems to be a BMW 4 Series Convertible can be seen landing nose first on the ground, narrowly missing a Chevrolet Tahoe in the process and ending up on its roof, wheels still spinning in the air.

So what happened? According to local news outlets, the woman behind the wheel of the Bimmer mistook the gas and the brake pedal and accelerated into a guard rail located at the seventh floor of parking garage she was in. This, in turn, led to her falling down the narrow space between buildings and landing right next to the Tahoe, then hitting it while coming to a complete stop, upside down.

And while movies taught us that such accidents would unequivocally lead to the occupants’ deaths it would seem that it’s not the case in real life. At least in this particular occasion. The woman behind the wheel survived the crash, although she did suffer some serious injuries. She reportedly thanked God and the BMW safety features for not losing her life in what looks like a certain death situation.

According to, she plans on suing the parking garage for this whole ordeal, claiming that the barriers on the sides of the parking spots were not strong enough to keep her out of harm’s way. As per KXAN: “Christi Bowmer has had multiple medical problems and procedures from the crash, which necessitated shaving off the front part of her hair, and fears she will have back problems for the rest of her life. She credits the safety features in her BMW for helping to save her life. Bowmer’s attorney, Sean Breen, says she plans to file a lawsuit soon. She wants to make sure the “danger” in this garage and others is fixed, “so no one else has to suffer this nightmare.”

The same outlet claims that the parking garage she was in had some similar issues a while back as well. Last September, a 24-year old man crashed through a similar barrier in the same location but in his case, the wiring caught his car and, even though his car was dangling on the side of the building, the man was able to get out in time thanks to the help of a bystander. Since then, improvements have been made to the safety features of the garage, as the owner claims.