Some new photos of the upcoming BMW X2 crossover surfaced, showing off the X2 is a sort of orange, grey and black camouflaged. Those photos were only part of the X2’s recent excursion into its most likely habitat — the concrete jungle.

Many crossover and SUV customers buy their cars thinking that it makes them seem more active, more adventurous. Automakers often talk their crossovers up, making them seem more adventurous as well. We all know how true that is, as their vehicles will never see the likes of a dirt road, never mind anything near real adventure. However, BMW seems to have no delusions of grandeur. The Bavarians know full well what sort of car the BMW X2 is and where its natural habitat will be.

The BMW X2 will be built on the same UKL architecture that underpins the BMW X1. That means it will be a front-wheel drive-based SUV with xDrive all-wheel drive as an option. Hardly the recipe for rugged adventure. Though, with its suite of turbocharged four-cylinder engines, both diesel and petrol, and optional six-speed manual gearbox (an eight-speed auto is available), it does have a great recipe for some on-road, urban fun.

In this photo gallery, BMW accentuates the fact that the X2 will be an urban car, ready to take on big cities and the concrete jungle, rather than a real jungle. Its typical camouflage, to hide its pre-production design, is a stylish orange, grey and black, rather than the typical black and white swirl pattern. The wheels are a simple five-spoke design that show off its sporty, street-oriented nature. And its low-slung, sportier looks remind us that this is, indeed, the sportier model and not something designed to be rugged. Although, there is a picture of the X2 driving down a massive sand hill with a building in the background. Not sure what that’s about.

When we first saw spy photos of the X2, we became a bit nervous. It seemed to look a bit bland and a bit like your average KIA crossover. In these photos, though, we can see more of its design and can tell that it could look pretty cool when it finally debuts. Especially with a sporty package on it, such as an M Sport package, it could look like a proper Bimmer. Which shows that BMW knows exactly who to market this car to.