When dealing with a BMW E30 3 Series with over 1,000 HP where can you actually go to enjoy its full might? The obvious answer is also the correct one, involving a roll cage, helmet, side barriers and stewards. Therefore, the race track is the perfect playground for tail-happy monstrous Bimmers, like the one showcased in the video posted below. According to the uploader, this E30 has 1,250 HP and came to play on the world’s most famous track, the Nurburgring.

Considering it’s also the longest track in the world, with numerous height elevation changes and over 200 corners, not to mention one of the longest straights on the face of the Earth, this should be the ideal playground for this particular car. And it probably was, even though the footage we have at hand only shows the car going through some corners at decent speeds. Apparently, the owner/driver didn’t know the track by heart and we can totally understand that.

The best bit of the whole video hides at the very end though, where the 1,250 HP monster puts down a massive and near perfect burnout before setting off on the Ring to scare some Swifts away. That’s really what a burnout should look like, even though we don’t condone the fact that it was done on public roads. At least they made sure there was nobody around before setting off. The sound of the turbo and the tires screeching are more than enticing.

As for the specs of the car, it seems like the E30 received an S54 engine taken from a BMW E46 M3 and hooked up to Borg Warner turbo of considerable size. The insides of the straight six 3.2-liter engine were reworked, some were replaced and others forged to make sure they can cope with the new power figures.