We know that we’re going to be seeing quite a few BMW Group products at Pebble Beach. The Bavarians are bringing the 8 Series Concept we’ve already seen to Pebble, the upcoming Z4 Concept and even the Rolls Royce Phantom. So it will be a big day for BMW. However, it seems as if Mercedes-Benz isn’t going to let BMW steal the day. The folks from Stuttgart will be bringing their own concept to combat the BMW 8 Series. At Pebble Beach, the Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6 Convertible will debut, showing off a possible 8 Series Convertible competitor.

In this short teaser video, Mercedes shows off some design features of this new concept. We see a long hood painted in the same red as the Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6 from awhile back. So this hints at a new Vision 6 Concept of some kind. Inside, we see white leather and bronze accents in a cabin that looks a bit futuristic steampunk. Then we see massive chrome wheels that look like they could be in production today. Hell, we can even see functional brakes behind them. So whatever this car is, it’s getting closer to production.

Autocar seems to think it’s the Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6 Convertible, which would make sense. BMW is pushing its new 8 Series Coupe and Convertible pretty hard, so Mercedes needs to push its own. Now, admittedly, the BMW 8 Series won’t likely be a direct competitor to the Maybach Vision 6, whatever it ends up being called. Mercedes-Maybachs are typically a bit more upscale and cost quite a bit more than BMW’s standard cars. However, much like the BMW M760i competes with the Mercedes-Maybach S600, there could be an 8 Series that competes with this.

Both cars feature similar design cues, such as the classic long hood, short deck and low profile. So both are the classic, old-school sporty grand tourer. While the BMW 8 Series is aimed more toward the sporty side of grand touring, the Maybach seems a bit more on the touring side. Either way, it’s interesting to see that Mercedes-Maybach will have its own impressive convertible at Pebble. BMW has some competition.