From the world of peculiar inventions, today we’re showing you what seems like both a cool and perhaps gross idea. What you’re about to see in the video posted below is a cake made in the shape of a MINI JCW Hatch but while we’ve seen such creations before, we haven’t seen one that also moves. This is a radio controlled cake, if you will, one that can be used to simply play with or maybe just for eating.

The thing comes from a specialty shop called Peboryon, located in the southwest of England, in a town call Penzance. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, that’s fine, because there isn’t much to say about the small town anyway. At least that was the case until we got to see this MINI JCW cake, that is. And while the whole thing looks both delicious and fun at the same time, the question that remains is: do we get to eat our cake and play with it?

Apparently yes but one does have to wonder whether you’d be willing to eat it after driving it around on the floor for a couple of minutes. To me, a germophobe, I couldn’t possibly imagine eating it after having played with it around the house. Maybe if that was done in a completely clean environment I’d consider it but other than that, it’s all too gross for my taste. On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind eating it if it was just presented to me on a platter, with a nice fork alongside it, having nothing to do with the floor beforehand.

In the end, it’s  a matter of personal choice but I think it’s still a really cool project that does get the imagination going about possible future tricks done involving sweets and remote controlled machines.