While price for mint BMW E30 M3 models have been shooting up lately, the regular 3 Series models have also started getting a bit more attention. People have been fascinated with the E30 chassis from the beginning of its lifecycle, but only recently their prices started reflecting that. And while some decide to keep them as stock as possible, others go berserk and modify them into oblivion, just like our friend here.

The car you’re about to see dropped the original engine a long time ago and now uses a turbocharged V8 with considerably more torque and power than ever before. The details are scarce about the car as the uploader and possibly the owner/driver don’t want their identities known. Why? Well, just take a look at what they did throughout Stockholm in the video posted below, which seems to be barely legal.

To be fair, it does seem like there’s only the stunt car in the middle of the road, flanked by camera cars almost everywhere. During some shots it feels like everything was done in absolute safety but we’re just not sure that all you’re about to see was agreed upon by the local authorities. Furthermore, the bit where a rather impressive drift is done near traffic in the middle of the city is something nobody should try as things could go south in a millisecond.

Nonetheless, I have to point out the skill of the driver that manages to keep control of his car very well throughout the whole ordeal. Sure, the perfectly balanced chassis of the E30 he’s driving has a lot to do with it but you still need a sure right foot and great reflexes to keep that smoke machine going as he did.

[fvplayer src=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZO1Iw0LoOUA” width=”640″ height=”360″]

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