BMW E30 3 Series’ go “spinning” in The Grand Tour

3 Series, News | November 28th, 2016 by 0
Spinning BMW Ignition Live 750x500

In the most recent episode of The Grand Tour, in which we see the three hosts — Clarkson, Hammond and May — go through a military training exercise while spoofing films like the Tom Cruise movie “Live, Die, Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow” and Oliver Stone’s “Platoon”. It’s a pretty silly episode that features very few automotive elements, but it’s fun anyway.

However, there is an interesting car element that might intrigue some BMW tuners out there. As this episode of The Grand Tour was shot in Johannesburg, South Africa, they sent the world’s slowest man — James May — to partake in something the South Africans call “spinning”. It’s essentially a big party where car enthusiasts gather around rear wheel drive cars doing donuts until their tires blow out.

The parties get quite crazy and there’s a bonfire filled with all of the blown-out tires. It looks like Burning Man with donuts, to be honest. So exactly the sort of thing James May hates.

Engine Swapped E30 325i 750x424


But the interesting part is that almost all of the cars they do this with are old BMWs. Most of them were of the E30 3 Series variety. They seemed heavily tuned and modified with massively loud exhausts and lowered suspensions. They weren’t all the same E30 BMW, as there were some coupes and sedans. I think I even spotted one E34 5 Series, but it was hard to tell through all of the tire smoke.

Some of the drivers even get out of the car while it’s spinning, get on the roof or walk around and show off, and the car never stops spinning. It’s a pretty cool trick, actually. Probably stupid because I’m sure people have gotten hit by their own spinning car of fallen off of the roof before, but entertaining to watch. What’s even more entertaining is Captain Slow being in the passenger seat. As a man who still seemingly lives the int he 1950’s, James May doesn’t seem equipped to handle such excitement.

Overall, it’s a pretty silly episode but it’s fun and this was one of the more fun elements in it. Check it out on Amazon Prime.