Mercedes widens lead over BMW after six-months of sales

News | July 12th, 2017 by 21
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Mercedes-Benz widened its global luxury-car sales lead in the first half of the year. The Stuttgart-based automaker sold 1.14 million cars in the six months …

Mercedes-Benz widened its global luxury-car sales lead in the first half of the year. The Stuttgart-based automaker sold 1.14 million cars in the six months through June, 14 percent more than a year earlier. BMW lagged behind with a 5.2 percent gain to 1.04 million vehicles. Audi registrations fell 4.7 percent to 908,950.

Mercedes-Benz’s registrations rose 11 percent to 209,309 in June as demand grew for the new E-class and the automaker’s SUVs. Sales of BMW brand vehicles rose 2 percent to 192,873 last month, while third-placed Audi saw sales rise 1 percent to 170,650.

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BMW sold 106,244 fewer vehicles in the first half than Mercedes, versus a difference of 89,818 cars in the five months through May.

Sales of Mercedes’ latest E class surged 68 percent in the first half, and demand for its SUVs gained 13 percent. BMW’s X1 SUV was its biggest growth driver in the period.

Mercedes’ star has been rising since chief designer Gorden Wagener led a radical redesign five years ago. While Mercedes has been surging ahead, BMW has had to wait out the redesign cycle, and the first revamped model was the new 5 Series.

BMW CEO Harald Krueger plans to catch up by rolling out 40 vehicles over the next two years, including the new X2 compact SUV and a full-size X7 crossover.

21 responses to “Mercedes widens lead over BMW after six-months of sales”

  1. Alexander S says:

    With new X2, X3, X7 and 5er BMW will be in the game again. What about sales numbers of 2 series sedan in China?..

  2. LucyPup says:

    BMW needs to increase their number and diversity of model offerings to gain such a pre-eminent title.

  3. Fritz says:

    I don’t understand the hang-up with that first place. I’ve just read an article (which unfortunately is in Dutch) that BMW AG just had their best six months ever in terms of sales.

    BMW AG: 1.22 Million

    BMW: 1 Million+ (5% increase) (record + 1 million milestone)
    BMW Motorrad: 88.000 (record)
    MINI: 181.000 (record)
    RR: 1.575 (sales down)

  4. Pictor says:

    BMW’s new models are adding new features but they look the same as the outgoing models. Whereas MB’s new models look fresh. Couple that with a more diverse product offering and BMW’s (at least in NA) shift to profit vs volume and this story is not a surprise. BMW has said, last year, that the focus will be on profit to redirect capital to R&D.

    • Giom says:

      Read Fritzs’ post above, then you’ll see that your theory isn’t necessary accurate. Though, to an extend, I agree with you.

      • Barry says:

        agree with Pictor, current 3er design is okay (still need a design breakthrough for the next gen though), but 5er and 7er are way behind compare to S-Klasse and the new A8.

  5. Will ._.Var says:

    Unfortunate to see, but I believe BMW will regain some ground once their model range is refreshed in the next couple of years (new 3 Series, X2, X3, X4, 1 Series etc and helped by the new 5 Series). The introduction of the X7 should also help.

    In Australia MB is doing well also. Their current range of vehicles is quite impressive, and their advertising game is quite strong too. If the new 5 Series is anything to go by, BMWs next generation of cars will be as good – if not better than MB’s at the moment. I really am a fan of the 5 Series’ platform, and it should work wonders in BMW’s other models. Good times ahead!

  6. Barry says:

    Volume number is one thing. How about revenues and profit margin? Anyone can share the numbers?

    • Senne says:

      BMW is making way more profit than Mercedes. Last year I read they’re practically giving S Classes away for ridiculously low prices. Easy to sell more cars that way…

  7. Donald Tarantino says:

    MB kicking bmw’s stupid ass, AS ALWAYS!

  8. tebza says:

    bmw is taking time to release new cars
    they give benz and audi time to sell after wards benz and audi will not give bmw to sell
    so it is confusing to understand the position of bmw
    are they tired of competing or what
    the other thing is under rated power ,they is no trick to beef up car power and performance
    please try some thing better

  9. Spock says:

    All the German car companies are coming out with so many new great cars and SUV’s. IF the US economy takes off, there’s no telling what could happen to the auto industry.

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