“Sleepwalking ” is a women empowering commercial that opens a discussion or continues the conversation on equality. The tone of this commercial is cute and amusing. The company behind it –  Paranoiia Productions – realized that most car commercials mainly feature the image of a successful man, and they wanted to break away from that and show how this little girl has the same aspirations and opportunities. She dreams about driving a BMW and will make it happen one day.

The team behind the project has come together from various countries around the world (Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, Colombia) and is part of a production company called Paranoiia Productions. Ignacio Sepulveda, born in Madrid and currently working in Los Angeles, is the director behind the project.

With Kai Krause, the cinematographer, they tried to find a visual style that juxtaposes the cute and safe world of the kid’s bedroom with the raw force of the ultimate driving machine. The project is produced by Fabien Colas and Andrea Sastoque.

BMW – Sleepwalking from Paranoiia Productions on Vimeo.