Video: 750 HP BMW M6 Shows Why AWD Is Needed on New M Cars

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The new BMW F90 M5 is going to write a new page in the BMW history book. It will be the first M5 to have …

The new BMW F90 M5 is going to write a new page in the BMW history book. It will be the first M5 to have AWD and its system is claimed to be superior to anything else on the market. That’s because BMW wanted to stay true to its roots and offer its customers the alternative of being able to turn their cars into RWD racers at the flick of a button.

To do that, they installed a system that can send up to 100 percent of the engine power to the rear wheels alone while also helping you launch faster than ever before from standstill, avoiding any drama. While some would scream blasphemy, they probably never tried to launch an M5 or even an M3 or M4 before, to see just how hard it is to keep the rear axle from lighting up the tires.

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The video below shows exactly why a move to AWD was not only recommended, but actually necessary in today’s world. The car we’re most interested in here is the 750 HP BMW M6 lining up to go against a similarly powerful Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG. However, since the Merc has AWD at its disposal, the result of the race is quite evident from the get go, the BMW still doing a good job at nearly catching up to the AMG towards the end.

So people can pout as much as they want but they want and they can claim that the balance of the car may be disturbed or that the all-wheel drive system adds some unnecessary weight to the whole thing, but the truth of the matter is, the most racing the BMW M5 will get to see will be in a straight line. And that’s where added traction will be paramount, to be able to keep up with the likes of the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG or the Audi RS6.

3 responses to “Video: 750 HP BMW M6 Shows Why AWD Is Needed on New M Cars”

  1. bmw driver says:

    Thank goodness the new M5 will be able to win the most internet e-points. Fair enough that BMW need to know their customer, it’s just sad that customer is a rich person who barely knows to press the right pedal and hold the round turny thing straight. I would still pick the RWD car if I were spending my own money.

  2. John d says:

    1/4 mile trap speed :
    BMW M6 : 205,83 km/h.
    MERCEDES E63 4s : 200,38 km/h.

    1/2 mile trap speed :
    BMW M6 : 251,92 km/h.
    MERCEDES E63 4s : 246,06 km/h.

    But if BMW want to make the move from good handling car to good 0-60 times…
    Can’t waint to see F10 M5 vs M550i :)))

  3. Luc says:

    I can’t see the BMW’s rear wheels spinning … I think the problem here with the driver is not lack of AWD but lack of pushing the right pedal down !
    If you need further proof, ask a F1 car (rear wheel only) to compete with the Merc and see there’s non need for AWD to be fast in a straight line.

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