SPIED: Is this possibly the upcoming BMW 7 Series LCI

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The BMW 7 Series has been on sale for about a year now and it’s sales have been a bit underwhelming, if we’re honest. BMW …

The BMW 7 Series has been on sale for about a year now and it’s sales have been a bit underwhelming, if we’re honest. BMW isn’t too pleased with the sales, or lack thereof, of the new 7er, especially since the S-Class is continuing to crush it, despite being significantly older. So the Bavarians are probably already working on the LCI for the 7er, to breathe some new life into it and fix whatever complaints customers have had. What we’re seeing in these new spy photos could be that 7 Series LCI.

In the photos, we see a 7 Series on the back of a flat-bed truck wearing a ton of camouflage. It’s completely covered in camo, with really only the exhaust tips being visible. Now, this isn’t odd except for the fact that we don’t know of any other 7 Series variant on the way. So unless BMW is developing some sort of new 7 Series variant, this should be the LCI updated 7 Series.

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Now, there isn’t much to notice from these photos. We can only see the exhausts and the wheels, which look like standard BMW 7 Series bits. The taillights are mostly covered but they still look pretty much the same. Admittedly, they could be completely different underneath the camo, but that much isn’t visible from these photos.

If this is a BMW 7 Series LCI, we’re hoping the Bavarians do something about some of the interior bits and the steering, mostly. The rest of it is fine, better than fine actually, but those few things need to be worked out. For instance, the center stack of buttons looks a bit cheap compared to the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and the steering is really anodyne. Aside from those two things, there isn’t much the 7 Series needs improvement on. Maybe some refreshed headlights.

If this is a newly refreshed 7 Series, though, what would you like to see changed?

20 responses to “SPIED: Is this possibly the upcoming BMW 7 Series LCI”

  1. Bert says:

    Isn’t this just a sold of old test vehicle? Why should a lci be transported on a flatbed?

  2. Tumelo Malumane says:

    OLED tail lights?

  3. Giom says:

    A mystery indeed. I don’t agree with the center stack buttons looking cheap, but I do agree with the opinion that the whole car is a tad underwhelming. There’s nothing wrong with the 7, just that, in this segment, the bar is higher. It’s loosing out – just. But perception is a cruel bitch, and she has the 7 by the ankle.

    I doubt this is LCI model, though.

    • Terry Cowan says:

      Aren’t older buyers more conservative? Love the 7, especially the V12, but S Classes are more the status quo, they look like old, bald millionaire cabs in my neighborhood. Do see Ghosts in my ‘hood, maybe they skim some 7 volume?

      • Giom says:

        You’re not wrong, but I won’t even call the 7 conservative. Just a beautiful luxury sports sedan that didn’t push the ‘excitement’ envelope far enough. To my eyes, tho, the 7 is a stunning car.

  4. A JCS says:

    7 Series needs to be an EV

    • Senne says:

      You’re kidding, right?

      • A JCS says:

        No, not at all. The large sedan market is generally in decline, EXCEPT for EV format. EV is where the large luxo sedan market is going.

        The Tesla S is smoking the 7 series in sales. The Tesla is also rapidly being adopted by chauffering companies in my city.

        The 7 series has the dimensions to accomodate a massive battery pack (for around 600km range). It makes sense.

        • Senne says:

          Please do not compare a luxury limousine like 7 Series and S Class with a midsize quite luxurious Tesla Model S. That’s your first mistake. Second mistake: people that buy up to 200K limousines don’t want electricity. They want luxury. Preferably a V8 or V12 petrol.

          • A JCS says:

            Electric *is* luxury. Far quieter, faster, smoother, no fumes or smell.

            People aren’t buying large petrol luxury sedans. The 7 series isn’t selling well, and of those that they do sell, many are not private buyers, but rather for commerical usage like airport pickups. They also depreciate like a stone. BMW needs to get a 7 series EV out there.

          • Senne says:

            Yeah, electric can be luxurious, but then there must be way more isolation than a Tesla has. That’s why you can’t compare 7 Series/S Class to Model S. And 7 Series has always sold less than the S Class, that’s just how it is (even though the 7 Series is now just as luxurious). Take a look at those sales, I bet it will still be high. A lot of people buy Teslas because they’re cheaper to run in many countries (very high taxes on V8s and V12s, especially in Europe). Also let’s see how much Teslas will depreciate. At least just as much, because batteries lose efficiency over time, just like petrol engines do.

            Anyway, you do have a point. An electric 7 Series added to the line-up within 5-10 years should definitely be possible and it will sell if the RANGE is at least 600 km and it hardly takes more time to “fill up” compared to an ICE vehicle. However, the 7 Series right now doesn’t need to be electric.

  5. Zayd Navaz says:

    Must be an older prototype from years ago… LCI would be too soon.

    Maybe next year we will see LCI mules on the road…

  6. 21st Century Cynic says:

    How about the touring / estate; wagon version, with 6 doors, the rear 2 behind the rear wheel, opening suicide style

  7. Will ._.Var says:

    Probably just an old pre-production car that they are transporting to the scrappers. If they were “testing” it, the car would not be travelling on the back of a flat bed. Also, waaaaayyy to much camo to be an LCI, even if there are major changes. From what you can see, it looks identical to the spy shots we were seeing 3 years ago.

  8. Alexander S says:

    That’s why they make 8 series. That one will top 7er

  9. Max says:

    I assume they were just to lazy to tear that off before scrapping :D

  10. Fritz says:

    The ‘chrome bar’ on the trunk lid should be black when a customer orders shadow line.

  11. sam forster says:

    i had a 740d xdrive and it was a brilliant refined car but the steering was numb and imprecise, my new 750i is a beast! the steering is excellent, it has the drive pro option which makes it handle like a car half its size. i wouldn’t change a thing on it – apart from make it louder :)

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