Last week, BMW took the veils off the new 6 Series Gran Turismo, the replacement of the controversial 5 Series GT. The new GT runs on a 5 series platform while the other 6ers still available for sale – the Convertible and Gran Coupe – are using the heavier and larger F12 platform. 

In order to shed some light onto the 6 Series GT, BMW put together a short video walking us through everything we need to know about it. The 6 Series GT is, without a doubt, a proper successor for the 5 Series GT, a car that has been, many times, equally loved and hated. 

The Gran Turismo models really have a purpose to serve as they offer a convincing package. On one hand you get all the space you could possibly need both in the back seat and in the boot, while on the other hand, you don’t have to buy an SUV. Yes, this is, if you will, an SUV riding on a 5 Series chassis. Furthermore, the GT is set up to be as comfortable as possible and in that regard, we expect that successfully challenge even the 7 Series to a duel.

Chip in the exclusive features it brings to the table and the lower price tag compared to the flagship 7er, and the 6 GT becomes a tempting proposal, as long as you can look past its design. And that’s something people who prefer function over form will easily do. Truth be told, it does look a hell of a lot better than the original 5 Series GT. For more details, check out the video posted below.