It isn’t every day that you get to see a car seemingly just burst into flames let alone have the luck to catch it on video and yet one lucky motorcyclist managed to do just that. The video posted below shows him and his friend going for a ride in the Russian city of Perm. While stopped at a red light, a BMW M5 decides to stop alongside them and that’s when things start getting weird as the car suddenly has flames coming out from under it.

Even though the rider does seem to be warning the driver of the imminent danger, he decides to simply drive off, a move that simply had me stunned for a moment. Why would he do that in the first place? Who in their right mind would decide to drive off especially when there’s a literal fire going under you? Various excuses have been provided and the one that makes most sense is that he was trying to get to a safer place, with less people around.

Admittedly, the driver does pull over over a bridge, where there’s considerably less pedestrian traffic. The speed with which he heads that way also seems to imply that this move was deliberate but then again, maybe he was also trying to put out the fire by simply blowing it out, like a candle if you will. If that’s the case, we’re guessing that when our good man saw it wasn’t working and that the flames were engulfing the whole car, he decided to ultimately pull over and try putting it out using a fire extinguisher.

What’s also impressive is just how many extinguishers just pop out all of the sudden from other helpful drivers. Furthermore, the person filming this whole ordeal gets off his bike and starts deviating traffic to the side, to avoid any casualties in case the car blows up. There was definitely some quick thinking involved but in the end, the main question that needs answering here is why this whole thing happened in the first place? What caused the fire? Our guess is that the car had been pushed for a while before being filmed here and the exhaust pipes had gotten quite hot in the process, leading to a potential fire hazard. Of course, this is just an assumption right now and it’s really hard to pinpoint the exact cause of this ordeal but it is a fascinating video to watch, nonetheless.

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