If you’re a billionaire who has been waiting for a new means of transportation to arrive, in order to take you from your personal jet to your multi-million dollar yacht in absolute comfort and luxury, you’ll be glad to know that a new Rolls-Royce Phantom is in the making.

According to Car Advice, the new Phantom will be unveiled later this year, a bit sooner than most of us expected. The news comes from Ian Grant, the man in charge of Rolls-Royce’s clients in the Asia Pacific region, speaking to the Australian magazine at a recent event held in Richmond, Victoria.

The high-ranking official wasn’t all that shy to share some other details as well about the upcoming model, claiming among other things that it will come with four-wheel steering. That might just be a game changer for a car that’s the size and weight of a yacht.

“What I can tell you, is it’s a brand new vehicle from the bottom up. It’s a full-aluminum architecture, so the vehicle carries a lot less weight than before. I’ve seen the vehicle personally, and it’s absolutely beautiful. The design lines are so striking, yet elegantly and impressively Rolls-Royce. Sneak piece of information: four-wheel steering is coming. So the manoeuvrability and turning circle of that car is incredible,” Grant said.

The fact that the new Phantom will be using extensive amounts of aluminum has been already known, with Rolls-Royce wanting its car to be a bit more efficient, even if owners of such luxurious land yachts don’t really care about how much they spend on gas. Furthermore, the same architecture is said to be used for the brand’s upcoming all-terrain vehicle currently only known as Project Cullinan.

With the seventh-generation Phantom having been retired at the beginning of 2017, the arrival of the new one does come at just the right moment, with first deliveries to take place during the first months of 2018. Rolls-Royce will bring a host of new technologies on board of its new flagship model while under the hood the same V12 engines are to be expected. Inside the cabin you’ll find a new infotainment system while the exterior design will probably not be revolutionary, but rather feature a more evolutionary approach.