I have to thank Matt Farah, as he’s been driving a lot of interesting BMWs lately, giving us some great videos to write about. So thanks, Matt, good stuff. Anyway, in the latest video from The Smoking Tire, Farah drives a track-modified BMW Z4M Coupe on some twisty canyon roads in California.

We recently wrote a story about The Drive’s BMW Z4M Coupe and how it was one of the better driving used cars on the road and something that can be had for significantly less than a Porsche Cayman but offer similar thrills. While it isn’t a cheap used car, with most of them going for around $25,000 – $30,000, it’s one that can provide the sort of old-school BMW thrills that fans love while also being quite rare and special. This specific Z4M Coupe has been modified for track use but done so in a way that also makes it usable on the road.

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This owner didn’t do much to the powertrain, which is a good thing. The S54 3.2 liter I6 engine in the Z4M Coupe is also from the E46 M3, one of the best M cars of all time. So it’s smooth, makes great power (though we don’t know how much in this car because it has an exhaust and intake and some other small bits done to it) and a sensational noise. This owner’s exhaust is louder than stock but not too loud and keeps the metallic growl that BMW M I6 engines have always been famous for. From inside the car, it sounds fantastic, with a sort of melodic growl that turns into a scream at high rpm.

Farah notes that this car is upgraded properly. Even with solid engine and transmission mounts, poly suspension bushings and really firm, lowered suspension, it’s not a harsh car to drive. There’s not a ton of vibration or harshness coming through the chassis and drivetrain, which is a testament to just how smooth that engine is and how refined the chassis is. It even still has a tight turn radius, despite being really low and on wider wheels.

It seems like a really fun car to drive and this owner seems to really care for it and has modified it tastefully (except for maybe the “Please Send Nudes” decal on the wing, even though that’s probably tongue-in-cheek). Check it out.

[fvplayer src=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiS_OMGShdY”]