We’re big fans of BMW’s quad-turbo diesel engine, internally known as B57, which sits in the BMW 750d and puts out enough torque to pull the moon closer to our orbit. Now, we’re seeing another car that could be housing the monster quad-turbo diesel and it’s just been caught testing at the famed Nurburgring — the G01 BMW X3 xDrive50d.

This new BMW X3 that’s ripping around the ‘Ring definitely seems like something a bit more aggressive than the standard car. It’s lower than normal, sitting on bigger wheels than we’ve seen so far and looks like it could have some more aggressive front air intakes. It’s also properly quick, flying through corners faster than we’d expect an X3 to. So whether or not this is the xDrive50d, with the B57 engine, it’s certainly a hot X3.

What gives away that it’s a hot diesel is the fact that it makes almost no noise. All you can hear as this X3 laps the ‘Ring is tire noise, as the tires are brutally punished into the hot pavement. There’s only a slight grumble from the engine to be heard and that indicates some sort of diesel engine.

If this is the xDrive50d, that’s very exciting news. Imagine all of that monster torque in something as small as the X3? Couple in its xDrive all-wheel drive and this BMW X3 will be damn quick, making the need for an X3 M almost nonexistent. Check out the video and let us know what you think.