From the perspective of many visitors of the 2017 Shanghai Motor Show, the BMW G38 5 Series Long Wheelbase is the big star at the BMW stand, after all, the long version of the BMW 5 Series is one of the absolute bestsellers in China.

The first live photos from Shanghai show the BMW G38 5 Series in unobtrusive white. The most important distinguishing feature is a closer look at the rear doors, as these are visibly longer than in the ordinary 5 Series and thus facilitate the entry into the second row.

That makes sense, as in all stretched limousines, the music plays primarily in the rear: Plenty of space and luxurious equipment make the long 5er a genuine 7 Series alternative – and should have contributed to the decision of BMW only selling the long 7 Series in China.

The 13.3 centimeter extended wheelbase brings the 5 Series to a total length of more than five meters. Because many Chinese prefer to be chauffeured through the dense traffic and use the time to work or relax, the long 5 Series will once again attract numerous customers like its two predecessors.

The state-of-the-art infotainment system, including rear entertainment and comfortable single seats, also embodies absolute premium and luxury limousine flair in the second row. The removable tablet for rear passengers is already familiar to us from the 7 Series and now also finds its way into the BMW 5 Series long version.

The chauffeurs are also looking forward to new engines: the BMW 525Li, 530Li and 540Li are already available with four and six cylinders from market launch, later variants with electrified powertrain will also follow. An offer of the BMW 5er Long Wheelbase in other markets is not planned as with the predecessors.

[Photos: BMWmotorshowblog]