Despite its crazy high price tag and intense hype surrounding the BMW M4 GTS, it’s been met with rather tepid reviews. Being that it isn’t that much faster than the standard car in a straight line, is incredibly compromised on the road and unbelievably expensive, many enthusiasts mock the M4 GTS. However, as Doug DeMuro points out in his recent video review, enthusiasts and critics alike laud Porsche for doing the very same thing with the 911 GT3 RS but mock BMW.

In the video, DeMuro points out some of the strange quirks about the M4 GTS but seems to be pretty understanding about most of it. Usually, DeMuro’s schtick is to criticize in a humorous manner, yet he seems rather impressed by the M4 GTS. Even the easy targets for criticism, such as the water-injection system and manually adjustable suspension, Doug seems to go easy on.

He also points out some of the interior quirks up close that most reviews seem to ignore, such as the fabric door pulls, carbon fiber composite door panels and funky seats. We’ve seen all of these before but DeMuro gives us an up close look that will help anyone who hasn’t actually spent time in the M4 GTS.

After pointing out all of the funny details of the car, Doug actually gets behind the wheel, albeit reluctantly at first. The reason for his reluctance is the price and rarity of the M4 GTS. Not only is it double the cost of a standard M4, there are also only 300 in the United States. So his nerves are understandable. He also notes that the front splitter, that’s made of carbon fiber and sits incredibly close to the ground, costs thousands of dollars and is very easily scraped.

However, once he gets more comfortable in the car, he seems to really enjoy it. Obviously, the suspension is stiff. Really stiff. But, as DeMuro points out, it’s supposed to be stiff and no one who’s buying the M4 GTS is looking to take it cross-country. It’s a hardcore sports car, something meant for only performance or track driving. However, it makes up for its stiff ride with sharp steering, incredibly agile handling and a fantastic exhaust note. DeMuro even goes as far as to say that the steering and handling feels as exotic as any of the supercars he’s driven.

Sometimes the BMW M4 GTS gets quite a bit of flak for not being worth the money or not being as special as the Porsche 911 GT3 RS. However, this video review from Doug DeMuro seems to say otherwise.