The wizards at M are in full force this week on the Nurburgring and having some fun testing several upcoming models. Earlier today we’ve seen the X3 M running hot laps at the Ring and now it’s time for the exciting M2 CS to tear apart the track.

Packing a detuned variant of the S55 engine in the current BMW M3/M4, the BMW M2 CS will develop around 400 hp. No word on torque but it could be around the same 406 lb-ft as in the M3/M4. As it currently stands, the BMW M2, with its 365 hp N55 engine, is about as fast as the BMW M4, with both cars being equipped with BMW’s DCT gearbox. The M4 Competition Package can get from 0-60 mph in around 3.8 seconds, whereas the M2 does the same spring in 4.0 seconds flat.

That’s mighty close, so with the new engine and increased power, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the M2 eclipse the M4, in terms of performance.

Expect the M2 CS to have some serious weight savings efforts. It probably won’t be as extreme as, say, an M4 GTS but there will likely be some measures taken to reduce the relative heft of the M2.

For now, judging by the footage below, the BMW M2 CS looks extremely promising.