Ask any BMW enthusiast what the best generation of the M5 is and their answer will likely come without hesitation — the E39 M5. It’s the most beloved generation of M5 for BMW fans and, for some, the most beloved BMW of all. It’s just the perfect balance of performance, comfort and fun. One of the most beloved aspects of the E39 M5 is its engine, a 4.9 liter naturally-aspirated V8. But what happens if you swap that magic V8 with another incredibly iconic engine and turn the E39 M5 into a monster? We find out in this new video from The Smoking Tire.

The 2JZ engine is one of the most iconic engines ever made to most car enthusiasts. What started out life as a 3.0 liter inline-six engine from a Toyota Supra is now powering this BMW E39 M5, except it also has a massive 75mm turbocharger on it and puts out over 20psi of boost. With all of the engine modifications done to it, it’s developing around 800 hp to the rear wheels, which is, frankly, madness and more than double the original V8’s power.

Technica Motorsports

Speaking of wheels, by the way, the owner of this M5 decided to put a custom fabricated wide-body on it with 335-section tires at all four corners, which is insane. So grip is incredible but its turn radius is awful, naturally, but hilarious. A Getrag V160 six-speed manual gearbox was also installed, to handle all of the insane power, though the rear diff and axles are all stock BMW. I’m curious to see how they hold up to all of that power.

There are no doubt many BMW fans who will mock this car and hate the idea of swapping a Toyota engine into one of the most iconic BMWs of all time. However, this car was already butchered quite a bit before this owner bought it, so it’s not as if he took a minter and tore it apart. Also, it’s fun when people make crazy creations like this and as long as they’re having fun with them, that’s all that matters. Matt Farah seems to enjoy it quite a bit, as he can’t contain his laughter at several moments. It seems like a hilariously fun car to drive and one that’s incredibly exciting. Check it out.