BMW Group takes five wins at the “iF Design Award 2017”

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A total of five BMW Group brand models received the internationally renowned “iF Design Award 2017”: A high-class jury honored the MINI VISION NEXT 100, …

A total of five BMW Group brand models received the internationally renowned “iF Design Award 2017”: A high-class jury honored the MINI VISION NEXT 100, the ROLLS-ROYCE VISION NEXT 100, the BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 as well as the BMW Concept X2 in the category “Mobility / Professional Concept” for their innovative design and their future-oriented technologies. The coveted “iF Gold Award 2017” went to the BMW 5 Series Sedan in the category “Automobiles / Product”. With this prize, the jury affirmed yet again the outstanding work performed by BMW design.

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Five “iF Awards 2017” were bestowed on Designworks – A BMW Group Company for products in the areas of mobility, lifestyle, user interaction and sport. The jury acknowledged the lifestyle shoe Puma X-CAT and the Revlon Pro Brushes, a series of ergonomic make-up brushes, and the tracked excavator 1050K Crawler, which was designed in collaboration with John Deere. Moreover, the BMW Racing Wheelchair, which was designed as a competition wheelchair for the Paralympics, and the concept BMW Vision Ride Helmet, a motorcycle helmet concept with Head-Up Display, each received an iF Award.

The accolades were awarded within the framework of the festive iF Design Awards Night 2017, taking place for the sixth time at the BMW Welt in Munich. For many decades now the “iF Design Award” has been recognized as one of the world’s most significant design prizes and is acknowledged as a seal of quality for excellence in the field of design. In addition to the exterior appearance and shape of the product, the criteria of the renowned accolade, which has been awarded annually since 1953, also include the level of innovation, ergonomics, functionality and environmental aspects.

Gold Award for BMW 5 Series Sedan

The jury comprising 58 international design experts decided that the “iF Gold Award 2017”, the highest accolade bestowed by the renowned “International Forum Design”, should go to the BMW 5 Series Sedan for its innovative concept and dynamic, elegant design in the category “Automobiles / Product”.

In their judgement, the jury emphasised above all the clear precision of the sporty design, the brand-related recognisability of both interior and exterior as well as the balance between emotionality and visual presence.

Four BMW Group vehicles each received an “iF Award 2017” in the category “Mobility / Professional Concept”: MINI VISION NEXT 100, ROLLS-ROYCE VISION NEXT 100, BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 and BMW Concept X2.

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  1. Naldo Machito says:

    Senseless awards. Who cares? The most important thing is that Mercedes-Benz shits on bmw in terms of sales and is the undisputed N1 in the premium segment.

  2. Tunmishe Oke says:

    Looks like we might not have the M550i xDrive in show rooms for a few more months in the states. I reached out to local dealer, thinking they now have them in stock because you can order online now at BMWUSA.COM No one knows when they will have them in stock, but they think production will start soon…? Are they trying to flog the 2016 models first or what?

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