There’s been much debate about whether or not the next BMW 2+2 grand tourer would be called the 6 Series or 8 Series. We know for certain that it will be called the 8 Series, despite how hard anyone argues the contrary. This upcoming BMW 8 Series was recently caught driving around in the snow and there’s even some video. We don’t own the spy video but you can see it at Motor Authority.

We think the upcoming 8 Series looks great from what we can tell. It’s low, long and sleek, with a long hood and short rear deck-accentuated by a small duck-tail spoiler. It looks like a proper grand tourer and Motor Authority is right in saying that it has an Aston Martin-esque profile. That elegance and style will help it take on the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe, which is a stunning and luxurious 2+2 in its own right.

In the spy video, we can see the 8 Series drive around with relative ease, despite the snowy conditions. This could indicate the fact that it has xDrive all-wheel drive. While that’s not particularly surprising, as nearly every car from BMW is available with xDrive, it does show that this could be a capable car even for customers in snowier climates, especially with all of its power. We know that BMW has filed trademarks for the 850, 860 and even M850, so these will likely come with big, powerful engines.

We obviously don’t know which engine powers the car in the video, so we can only check out how it looks in motion. To us, this looks very good and will be a great replacement for the 6 Series, as far as styling goes. It will also be a great addition to the high-end grand touring car segment.

[Source: Motor Authority]