Before we jump into BMW’s latest trademark registrations, please allow us to point out a coupe of things. First, most of the names registered by an automaker are NOT going to be associated with a new model, they could be simply labeled as “placeholders”, or in even simpler words, “just in case”. Second, it has been known for years that some of these trademarks play a diversion role as well, most likely to throw off some of the press that looks for a scoop in anything. Yes, we did fall for some of these in the past…..

Now, moving to the subject at hand, here are BMW’s latest trademark registration filings.

  • M 50 d
  • Urbanic
  • Gran Coupe
  • Compactive
  • Compactive Tourer
  • i1
  • i2
  • i3
  • i4
  • i5
  • i6
  • i7
  • i8
  • i9
  • E1
  • E2
  • E3
  • E4
  • E5
  • E6
  • E7
  • E8
  • E9

So, what do we make of these? Well, the first group is very vague and these tradermarks could be applied to different future models. Out of the bunch, the “Urbanic” name is the only one that might be tied to the “MegaCity”, urban vehicle rumored to appear in 2013-2014.

Now, moving down that list, we see two new series: “i” and “E”. Either one of these two could be also tied to the MegaCity/Project i models. Could “i” Series be related to the Isetta brand? Could the “E” family portray a new range of electric vehicles?

While the “E” Series sounds good in the context of electric cars, with Mercedes-Benz labeling their sporty luxury sedans under the E-Class brand, we find it somewhat overlapping, as far as naming convention, and BMW might opt these out.

Again, take these with a grain of salt and our scope was to report these findings, rather than proving a highly speculative report.

Thanks for the tip T!

Update with an inside tip:

M 50 d – Is the Tri-Turbo Performance diesel , It will appear in the 5er upwards.
The new 6er due to be unveiled this year will also receive this engine partly because the best selling 6er is the 635d.

Urbanic – Is referred to a specification for the Mega City Vehicle.

Gran Coupe – Is defined by it’s relation to the Gran Turismo which will be seen as a four door coupe-sedan based on the 6er and eventually the 7er. It is understood to keep CS for any M derived vehicles instead of applying CS to this concept.
Gran Coupe sounds more mature than Coupe Sedan.

Compactive and Compactive Tourer – are ideas that BMW are putting through as feasible to offset the 1 / 3er platforms . They are seen as new concept think as a RWD X6 in shape and eqiually distinguishable Crossover/Tourer – Its the next step for the mooted “Y” series known internally as the Sport Activity Compact ,and compactive Tourer is BMW’s answer to a compact flexible concept like the upcoming MINI “Spacebox”

i – Begins our naming structure for the Project-i sub brand within BMW to which it is plainly obvious to which name the sub-brand will use. i1 – i9 is trademarked for continuity .

e – Join eDrive as fully fledged electric driven models through BMW’s core product range. 1-9 is to provide continuity with the trademark but there is nothing in planning for the 8 and 9er. eDrive will be seen on lower models of the BMW portfolio with Active Hybrid taking over the upper echelons of the BMW Portfolio.