As early as 2018, the BMW 8 Series will re-mix the cards in the luxury class and provide a fresh wind from Germany’s southeast. In the course of the rearrangement of the BMW upper class, the successors of the current 6 series are partly sorted into the revitalized BMW 8 series, while the previous 5 Series GT will morph into a 6 Series GT and will also play in a higher league from 2017 onwards. What is clear is that the new names also mean a higher demand: better materials, more pedantic processing, more high-tech and even more pleasure in driving must be on board to justify the ascent against the particularly demanding customers in this price class.

Current spy videos show how the BMW 8 Series Coupe is technically closely related to the 8 Series convertible. For many years, the BMW Group has been operating a large test center in the north of Sweden, which is used to test practically all new products under winter conditions. It is therefore no surprise that the BMW 8 Series Convertible and Coupe have to complete their cold tests here.

On the snowy roads and on a completely frozen lake, the vehicles will not only prove their reliability in extreme cold proof, but also the coordination of the electronic control systems can be selectively tested on snow and ice in order to be able to implement a characteristic matching the vehicle class and the respective drive.

In the case of the BMW 8 Series 2018, we can assume a wide range of particularly powerful drives, since the 840i and 840d basic models are powered by straight-six-cylinder engines. In addition, the V8-powered BMW 850i offers more than 450 hp with even more performance and prestige for all who place particular emphasis on superior driving performance.

A BMW M860i as M Performance model with V12 biturbo as well as a BMW M8 is on the table also from 2019 onwards.