Jozef Kaban, Designer of Bugatti Veyron, Is The New BMW Head of Design

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The BMW Group introduced its new design team under Chief Designer Adrian van Hooydonk. Jozef Kabaň will be responsible for design for the core BMW …

The BMW Group introduced its new design team under Chief Designer Adrian van Hooydonk. Jozef Kabaň will be responsible for design for the core BMW brand, while Domagoj Dukec will head the design team for BMW i and BMW M vehicles.

Jozef Kabaň, 44, from Slovakia, joins the BMW Group design team after holding various positions in the Volkswagen Group. Kaban made a name for himself early when he designed the Bugatti Veyron while still in his 20s. He was named chief of Skoda design at 35 after being head of exterior design at sister brand Audi. Kaban will assume this position in the second half of the year

Domagoj Dukec, 41, has been with the BMW Group since 2010, where his responsibilities have included exterior design for the BMW brand and, most recently, BMW i design.

Domagoj Dukec 500x750

Domagoj Dukec

“I am looking forward to this strengthening of the BMW Group design team,” said Adrian van Hooydonk. “Both Jozef Kabaň and Domagoj Dukec bring the experience, talent and vision we need for the future direction of our design.”

Karim Habib, who was responsible for BMW brand design, had previously left the company of his own accord. “We naturally respect Karim Habib’s decision and wish him every success in his new business endeavours,” added Adrian van Hooydonk.

38 responses to “Jozef Kaban, Designer of Bugatti Veyron, Is The New BMW Head of Design”

  1. Dailybimmer says:

    Bmw, quo vadis?

  2. Saad Farooqui says:

    Karim should not have left.

  3. Pavl says:

    I think Chris Bangle was the only designer that BMW trusted with its car designs. He completely changed the design language at BMW. The rest are vetted by the management and also, most likely, have to operate in a conservative context regarding the design of the models. otherwise, we would have had some diverse and perhaps more attractive ideas in the last years.

    • guest says:

      Their current Corporate Head of Design has been with the company since ’92, he designed the 745i & 645i under Bangle. What brand today has a better looking line of vehicles than BMW? Don’t say Mercedes or Audi, they are all clones of their other models.

      • Pavl says:

        Under Bangle being the key word. They were in a creativity slump. He completely changed the design language. The fact that other people were there many years prior is irrelevant. I agree with you opinion on Audi, but starting with A Klasse reinterpretation, Merc has hit a success streak designed. The fact that they were first last year is a proof that the new designs work for the customers. I believe that BMW should be more daring in this respect.

        • guest says:

          BMW design has always been evolutionary, regardless of era or individual. Their continuous classic design cues are one reason they have been able to establish themselves as a global competitor. The manufacturer of the i8 and X6, to mention two, has never been in a creativity slump, including the two decades under Bangle. Mercedes’ increase in volume is due to their moving downmarket to cheaper 4 cyls., not superior design.

          • Pavl says:

            Don’t agree with you. You can call the Bangle designs anyhow you want,
            except evolutionary. Rather revolutionary from BMW design point of view,
            but also as an industry. His designs brought the revival of BMW sales
            and the rapid expansion afterwards. They are in some kind of relapse of
            the conservative design. This was not the case with Bangle. In the
            meantime, Merc completely reshuffled their models’ designs and line-up,
            along with better engines. You talk about the 4-cilinders cheaper
            engines for Merc, but BMW was ahead in this area, with 1,6, 2l engines
            both diesel and petrol, so what’s the excuse here? The only “4 cilinders
            cheaper model”, which actual is not, is the A-klasse AMG, but that is a
            marvel of technology.
            We are all (almost) fanboys here, but we should not get blinded by our passion for BMWs.

          • guest says:

            I was referring to North America, where Mercedes have increased volume going downmarket with fwd./awd. compacts & hatchbacks. BMW are still ahead in Europe & China. BMW’s sales have been on a steady ascent for five decades, they have quadrupled in that time. If you read this blog, you know BMW are going upmarket with the Z5, 8er, X7, X8, i5. The new 1er Sedan & other fwd. are not even coming to North America. What design awards have Mercedes won? Bangle was reviled while he was with the company, but he & his successor’s today are celebrated, thus this article that we are commenting on. How many people can name a Mercedes designer? Going by the C-, E- & S-, I assume there is one, with 1 rubber stamp in 3 sizes.

          • Pavl says:

            Actually, Audi is first in Europe. I don’t know the situation in China. For clients, doesn’t matter if the designer is known or not, it only matters if the car “speaks” to them. From the look of it, Mercedes design speaks a little bit more than BMW. Winning the red dot award doesn’t automatically translate into sales.

          • guest says:

            Globally, Audi sold 1.87 million units last year, far behind BMW or M-B. So not as many Volkswagens are “speaking” to clients.

          • Pavl says:

            You, unfortunately, are jumping around with your arguments. First, you change the discussion to North America, I tell you that not only in US did the BMW lost 1st place, but other places too. Then, I say about the design of Merc speaking to clients and you change discussion to Audi and from Europe (as I exemplified) to global sales. No matter how you put it, the sales are the most important numbers for any automaker. Merc fans used your arguments not long ago, when trying to challenge BMW’s global premium cars leadership. They’ve been thrown of with the sheer sales numbers.

            just to reply to you also on Audi, had the stupidity of Porsche diesel hack not around, they would have also keep approaching BMW’s reign in global sales. Check numbers for the last 5 years.

          • guest says:

            There is no argument as long as you make design, which is subjective, the issue (Audi are also the most homogeneous wrt design). As far as diesel hack, VW are #1 volume manufacturer for 2016 regardless. And if sales are the measure, throw in MINI (to include BMW’s 4 cyl. volume) and they’re still #1. What is indisputable is Audi are #3.

        • guest says:

          Merci have improved volume going down-market, not thru any design virtuousity. They abandoned that when they refused to produce the C111.

    • Milan G. says:

      b.m.w. – bangle muss weg. so think all germans after his shit work on bmw

  4. darex says:

    I never really thought of Škoda having a designer. SEAT, yes, but Škodas always strike me as [even more] blandified VW’s, without much originality put back in.

    • Billy The Hillbilly says:

      SEAT? What? I agree Skoda is like (in fact that can be said about the whole VW group I think) vanilla ice cream, non-conflicting, non-polarising designs made to fit everyone’s taste while upsetting nobody, which is usually blend and generic looking. But Seat? They are doing a lot worse, mate, they can’t afford anything due to low selling numbers, much less redesigning the old VW group models so you couldn’t tell that is an old A4.

      This guy is quite interesting choice I think, I didn’t like his designs with Skoda in general, but he must have been held down by the brand management for sure. His latest Superb III is actually pretty amazing looking car for a low-tech low-luxury brand Skoda is, and he might be still quite curageous to ruin a car’s looks with his ideas as shown on Octavia III FL front.

      Very interested where this will be going..

  5. Icebreakerr says:

    kaisuke I want your opinion on this where are youuuuuuuuu

    • Kaisuke971 says:

      I was super busy that week sorry, i just saw this by accident lol. I’m not feeling this guy, he seems to only design boring looking cars. They don’t look bad, just boring.

      • Icebreakerr says:

        hehe no worries man and me too i think he will be vetted by bmw like they will make him do things he may not want too that adrian van guy probs wont let him make a boring car like a skoda

        • Kaisuke971 says:

          I had the same idea but the opposite way, maybe they told him to be conservative since the Veyron was supposed to be a sort of Hyper GT and Skoda is, well, Skoda.

          We’ll see i guess.

  6. Martin Karel says:

    Am really proud of this guy. I truly love the cars he has been designing (maybe because of my Slovak eyes).

    • Billy The Hillbilly says:

      Yes, Fabia II, what a looker. Octavia II, Yeti, Superb II. Wow, never seen cars that sexy and exciting to look at, Aston Martin would learn a thing or two from Skoda. Would have bought one myself, but there’s no V8 in the lineup, that completely spoils it for me.

      • Marko Somtoja says:

        Next time you are gonna try to wreck somebody with your poisonous irony first of all learn the basic data. It may help you avoid looking like a complete asshole.
        Fabia II – Thomas Ingenlath, Jens Manske
        Octavia II – Dirk van Braeckel
        Superb II – Jens Manske
        Yeti – Jens Manske

        • Billy The Hillbilly says:

          Oh yes, true. I was mistaken since he unveiled the cars to the public… instead of setting them on fire :). My bad.

  7. jason bourne says:

    Hopefully none of the BMW designs will look like that high speed turd Veyron.

    • guest says:

      Didn’t you just answer your own question? The Veyron’s record top speed aerodynamics determined its shape. I prefer the F1 & agree with Gordon Murray’s comments on the VW, but there are reasons for it’s appearance.

  8. Giom says:

    I just don’t get why an internal designer wasn’t selected for the position. I’d love to hear the reason from someone on the board.

    So, ok, now that the Veyron designer is heading the charge, I had better see some adventurous designs coming from BMW in the future. Otherwise, what’s the point?

  9. Arunabh says:

    Interesting move..!!

  10. BMW from 90's says:

    Bugatti Veron… … it looks like my morning rounded shit

  11. Hahn says:

    Skoda guy?!

  12. Milos LIcko Bash Randjelovic says:

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  13. Tunmishe Oke says:

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it? Aficionados, be careful what you wish for. I suspect the outgoing guy had exhausted his design acumen, but after Mr Bangle? Conservatism is the key.

  14. Milan G. says:

    the best model was e39. it has the best bmw soul ever. after this model, goes bmw … really in to the big shit.

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