BMW Motorrad presents the Navigator VI

Motorrad | January 26th, 2017 by 15
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BMW Motorrad presents the new Navigator VI, available from March 2017 alongside the existing Navigator V, comprising a new navigation system with numerous innovative features …

BMW Motorrad presents the new Navigator VI, available from March 2017 alongside the existing Navigator V, comprising a new navigation system with numerous innovative features in addition to further enhanced functionality. The new system retains the same external dimensions as before, as well as the 5″ display, which, thanks to the inclusion of a circular polarisation filter, now benefits from enhanced readability, particularly in strong and even direct sunlight.

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Not only has the internal storage capacity been increased from 8 GB to 16 GB (for the EU/US; the device with no preinstalled maps still has 4 GB), but the new Navigator VI now offers the “Winding roads” route option for avoiding built-up areas, providing the roads and conditions allow. Another new feature available for computing routes is “Avoid main roads”. Used in conjunction with the existing “Avoid motorways” function, selecting the most suitable roads for motorcycling is now even better. The “Round Trip” function configures trips based on time, distance or interim destination, offering one more new way of creating a highly individual and intensive motorcycling experience. With the “Natural Guidance” function, navigation instructions also provide precise descriptions of the surroundings.

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The new “Music Streaming” feature, which works in conjunction with Bluetooth, makes it possible to listen to music stored on a smartphone. Even compatible action cams can be controlled directly through the Navigator VI. The comfortable and intuitive operation of all the controls that are typically needed while riding can be model-specifically enabled using either the four-button mount cradle or the multi-controller on the handlebars. Additional functions such as the “My Motorcycle” pages as well as warning and status messages are available in conjunction with the navigation preparation. Traffic congestion and weather reports can be displayed in real time using the optional Garmin Smartphone Link App. With all future updates of preinstalled map data available free of charge plus an optional car installation kit, the new BMW Motorrad Navigator VI is the perfect companion for people on the road.

15 responses to “BMW Motorrad presents the Navigator VI”

  1. Paul says:

    Same dimension than Nav V ! Does that mean, it’s fit in the Nav V craddle ? Other point, does the firmeware of Nav V could me upgraded to Nav VI’s firmware ?

    • scorp888 says:

      Yes it fits the cradle.
      Yes the existing thumbwheel works
      No to firmware, completely different internals. Besides if you could just upgrade the 5 to the 6, then no-one would buy the 6!

  2. Lights_and_Shadows says:

    Any idea about pricing?

  3. Al Charles says:

    I’ve already paid for a nav vi for my new K1600gt sport, so when are they actually going to be available

  4. Dom says:

    Hello everyone,
    Good news: the Navigator VI has arrived
    Bad news: the connection with Garmin’s SmartPhone Link ALWAYS causes unexpected restarts!
    When is a BMW reaction that always includes Smartphone Link in its commercial presentation of the Navigator VI?

    Bonjour à toutes et à tous,
    Bonne nouvelle : le Navigator VI est arrivé
    Mauvaise nouvelle : la connexion avec SmartPhone Link de Garmin provoque TOUJOURS des redemarrages intempestifs !
    À quand une réaction de BMW qui inclut toujours Smartphone Link dans sa présentation commerciale du Navigator VI ?

  5. aces928 says:

    This is a really sad replacement. I currently (Happily) use a Garmin 665 (Google it) which is several years old on my 09RT. Unlike this unit (I believe), it has Sirius satellite radio and telephone routing via Bluetooth. I can bluetooth stream off my Android phone and wire connect with my iPod. Using it with a Schuberth helmet with the cardio system changed everything for me on those long rides in the middle of nowhere.

    BMW and Garmin have apparently agreed to retro on ability while increasing the price. Shame.

  6. Brian-n-NC says:

    Got my Nav VI yesterday and still have some reservations about the same shortfalls as the V. The screen is absolutely beautiful and the new routing features are very nice as well. I have a 2016 (got it in 2015) R1200RT and the two things I wanted from this device are missing or do not work. 1. The “My Motorcycle Page” is not there at all. In the V it was apparently available IF you used the 4-button mount but on the VI it states it should work on any motorcycle with the navigation prep package. 2. It does not allow you to listen to music while in the cradle. If you choose “Media Player” it simply states on the screen listen to music from your onboard sound system. I took it out of the cradle and the media player works as advertised, I can choose iPhone, media card in the GPS, or bluetooth connection. When placed back in the cradle, you are told to use your own sound system. These are significant issues, is anyone experiencing them or can you tell me what I am doing wrong?

    • Joe Job says:

      I just got mine and have the same issue: I found this:
      And it seems that the NAV VI has the same issues. I’ll be playing around with mounting it in the cradle: If the issue persists then it goes back to BMW: I’m NOT paying $999.00 MSRP for a device that doesn’t have one of its main advertised functions working on my bike!

      • Brian-n-NC says:

        I have seen that reference but all the advertising indicated that this would not be the case with the VI. After a long conversation with GARMIN support, they told me that BMW “directed” them to disable any feature that was duplicated by the bike. In other words, if you have a sound system, BMW wants you to use that, if you have an “onboard computer” where you can check your trip, tire pressure etc. BMW told them to disable the “My Bike” reporting functions. I told them that was ridiculous because the whole point was to be able to review these trip setting AFTER you were off the bike and at home, in the campground, or hotel. They agreed but said they were told to do it in the specs.
        So yes, it’s a $1,000 for a brighter screen that shows fingerprints really bad!
        The one feature that I DO like it that it will control Garmin cameras but even then, the interface is way too simple. You can “see” what the camera sees, you can control the camera in “split screen” so that you can use the GPS while recording. Ugh!

        Best of luck, ride safe!


        • Joe Job says:

          Sounds like you have it from the horses’ mouth. If the functionality is intentionally disabled but the marketing points it out explicitly, that’s false advertising.
          In California this calls for a class action suit.
          I’m ready to start that. Any followers?

          • Brian-n-NC says:

            Joe, I don’t think I could join the “class” from NC – best of luck and I agree, they shouldn’t advertise and then intentionally disable features because they “feel” like pushing you to another solution.

  7. TNovak says:

    Is the screen actually brighter, or did they just put a filter over it?

    • Brian-n-NC says:

      The screen is actually brighter but seems more like a smart phone screen now. The fingerprints are very noticeable especially in the glare.

  8. David Biggs says:

    I have just bought a new Navigator VI and used it on a 2000 mile trip to Spain. Whilst the screen and thumbwheel integration are superb the way the unit recalculates routes using pre prepared gpx route proved a total nightmare. I’m sure there’s a solution but I can’t find it so I asked BMW UK Customer service for help. Their reply “I’m not technically trained in this field so I can’t answer the queries you’ve asked, contact your local centre”. If they could answer, I wouldn’t be asking BMW. Come on BMW please provide your people with the training to do their job.

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