Adding a custom exhaust to a sports car is the simplest and most common way to customize a car. It’s also by far and away one of the most common, as it makes such a big difference. Admittedly, it doesn’t always make a difference for the better, though, as not every exhaust works well with every car. And it can be tough to find exhausts for some sports cars, especially if they’re older. That’s where Vogue Performance Exhaust comes in.

VP Exhaust specializes in making custom designed exhausts for each individual car. Whether it be for a Porsche 911, BMW M3 Sedan or Ford Raptor, VP Exhaust will make a custom-designed exhaust for it. Each and every VP exhaust is hand-made on site for the customer. Sometimes, it only takes a few hours. All exhausts, whether they be cat-back exhausts or muffler deletes, VP Exhaust does complete hand-made custom jobs for each and every job and will custom design it to fit each car.

BMW F82 M4 Valvetronic Exhaust

Want four exhaust tips or just two? VPE can do it. Want carbon fiber tips? VPE will do that, too. They can even try and give you the specific sound that you want. Do you want it to be crazy aggressive, a bit more tame or even just increase airflow? VPE will do whatever you want. All VPE exhausts have a lifetime guarantee for defects and will be professionally installed and made in the good ole US of A.

At the moment, VP Exhaust offers several exhaust options for BMWs, though they will obviously make an exhaust for whatever BMW you might have. But they do currently make a few BMW exhausts already. For instance, VP Exhaust currently offers a Valvetronic exhaust for the F82 BMW M4, though it will also fit the F80 BMW M3. The M4 exhaust is a 2.5 inch, TIG welded system with a smooth brushed finish. It’s also made from grade 304 stainless steel and is a de-cat system. The lack of catalytic converter means that it won’t pass MOT, so it’s best for track use. However, it is a fully-functioning Valvetronic setup that will work with the BMW M4’s adjustable driving modes.

BMW M5 F10 Valvetronic cat back w/ carbon tips

VPE also offers a setup for the F10-generation BMW M5. It’s a full cat-back exhaust system, so it bolts right to the catalytic converters and is designed to improve airflow, power, and performance while also improving the sound. Of course, the VP Exhaust M5 system is high-quality, hand-made and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

BMW E46 Center Section

They even offer a center section replacement for the E46 BMW M3. It’s a replacement piece that fits flange-to-flange on the M3 and is made from 304-grade stainless steel. So VPE even makes exhausts for older cars, unique cars and anything you might have.

The company is also offering to BMW fans a chance to win one of their exhaust systems. The giveaway includes a stainless steel exhaust for the E46 M3/E92 M3. Three winners will be selected on January 31st, 2017 and the free installation will be done at one of their authorized exhaust facilities in North America.

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