BMW 440i Convertible in Smoked Topaz and with M Performance Parts

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Second day of the 2017 Detroit Auto Show brings a series of BMWs adorned with parts from the BMW M Performance catalog. One of them is a 440i Convertible, painted in the unique BMW Individual Smoked Topaz color and featuring a wide variety of exterior and interior M Performance Parts.

The beautiful cabriolet is equipped with the BMW M Performance Power & Sound Kit which, for the first time, comes bundled with a higher flowing, valve controlled exhaust for maximum performance and exhilaration. The new kit also features engine tuning software and an electronically controlled valve exhaust system that is actuated in Sport/Sport+ modes via the driving experience control button.

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The power kit brings the total power output to 355 horsepower, a 35 hp increase over the stock engine. Torque is also increased to 369 lb-ft (+39 lb-ft) for automatic transmission vehicles and 355 lb-ft (+25 lb- ft) for manual transmission vehicles.

BMW 440i Smoked Topaz 10 750x563

The kit also provides faster acceleration: 0.2 seconds faster than the standard 340i/440i model from 0 to 60 mph.

Next on the upgrades list a set of new M Performance Wheels, fully polished and available in 19 inches size.

The usual black kidney grille and carbon fiber side mirror caps are also present.


Inside, BMW proudly presents their M Performance Steering Wheel with a digital display and shifting indicators. For the first time, we were able to see live the new center console, “dressed” in alcantara and surrounded by carbon fiber. Things like a carbon fiber DCT shifter and aluminum pedals with the ///M branding are also present.


The Smoked Topaz is also an interesting color choice which seems to vary under different lighting conditions, from a chocolate-like color to a vibrant violet.


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6 responses to “BMW 440i Convertible in Smoked Topaz and with M Performance Parts”

  1. GregV8 says:

    Nice, but it looks like no LCI for Detroit (despite my expectations).

  2. Jackson says:

    That alcantara steering wheel is gorgeous. Should be standard on all M cars in my opinion

  3. guest says:

    I smoked a Topaz once, gave me a headache. So can we look forward to Fried Escort? Burnt Taurus? Flaming Pinto? Guess that one’s been done already. Gorgeous colour, by any name.

  4. Stephen Coyle says:

    O to 60 tells you more about the gearbox,let’s have 0 to 100 mph figures.

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