Another proof of the excellent tuning base for the BMW M2, comes from Hong Kong. MTC Design has developed five components for the compact sports car and presents them in a photoshoot of the BMW M2 in the launch color Long Beach Blue. The visible carbon components from Asia sharpen the sporty profile of the M2 and clearly stand out from the already aggressive form language of the series.

Front lip, side skirts, diffuser insert, spoiler lip and rear wing push the BMW M2 even closer to motor sport and harmonize perfectly with the partial dark Bicolor wheels of the athlete from Garching.

MTC Design BMW M2 Tuning F87 01 750x500

In Germany, the carbon parts of MTC Design can be purchased with the help of Carbonfiber Dynamics. While the front skirt attachment and the spoiler lip for the trunk hood are priced at 999 and 789 euros, respectively, the remaining components require somewhat deeper pockets. The side skirts are priced at 1,149 Euros, the carbon diffuser at 1,299 Euros and the large rear wing will cost you 1,799 Euros.

MTC Design BMW M2 Tuning F87 05 750x500 MTC-Design-BMW-M2-Tuning-F87-06

Modifications on the powertrain are nonexistent on this build, so the M2 continues to push out 370 horsepower and run to 100 km/h in 4.3 seconds.


[Source: Bimmertoday]