Now that this year is coming to an end, it’s good to look back and see how what shaped it. But it’s also good to look forward, to see what’s to come and get excited for the future. We already took a look at the best cars BMW made in 2016, a list that featured some of BMW’s best cars of the decade, never mind the year. So it’s going to be tough to live up to 2016. However, BMW has some great cars planned for 2017, so let’s take a look at the best BMWs on their way next year.

4. BMW X3

The BMW X3 isn’t the sexiest car in BMW’s lineup. It’s a mid-sized crossover for the average-sized family. However, it does blend some of BMW;s famous driving dynamics and looks into the mix. It obviously isn’t the most engaging car on the road, but if you’re looking at a tall crossover to get your driving dynamics fix, you’re looking in the wrong place.

New generation BMW X3 rendering 750x500

What the BMW X3 offers is sensible, comfortable and relatively sporty practicality all in a good looking, high-tech package. It’s also one of BMW’s best selling cars and one that’s very important to the brand as a whole, as it allows the Bavarians to compete in a very competitive segment. So we’re going to be keeping a close eye on the upcoming 2017 BMW X3.

3. BMW 5 Series Touring

One of the cars featured on the previous list, the list of BMW’s best cars from 2016, was the G30-generation BMW 5 Series. The latest-gen 5er is a car that could very well bring one of BMW’s model famous nameplates closer to the glory it once held. While it isn’t perfect, and it certainly isn’t the next coming of the E39 BMW 5 Series, it’s definitely closer to 5 Series’ of years past than more recent models.

2017 BMW 5 Series Touring Spy Photos 02 750x421

As a car enthusiast, it’s hard to not get excited about wagons. Wagons offer the sort of practicality that real people with real lives and real families need, while also keeping the same driving dynamics we love from sedans. So, naturally, we’re excited about the G30-generation BMW 5 Series Touring. It looks as great as ever, as it borrows heavily from the F10-gen 5 Series Touring, which is still one of the best looking wagons these eyes have ever seen. With the new G30 chassis’ lighter weight, higher structural rigidity and better dynamics, this should be one of the coolest wagons on sale when it debuts.

2. BMW 6 Series GT

There’s been quite a lot of hubbub about the upcoming BMW 6 Series GT. According to our sources, BMW will be switching the 6 Series nameplate over from a coupe to a sort of hatchback-style four-door. Big, grand-touring coupe duties will transfer to the upcoming BMW 8 Series, which will sit about the 7 Series in terms of both luxury and technology. However, the 6 Series will become a sportier, sexier (if you can call it that) variant of the 5 Series GT.


Now, I know that doesn’t sound exciting, because the 5 Series GT isn’t the most loved BMW ever made. But this could be a very big car for BMW. While the 5 Series GT was never popular, with nicknames like the German Pontiac Aztek, it was actually a pretty good car. It offered 5 Series-levels of luxury except with more luggage space, practicality and long-distance capabilities. It was, as its name suggested, a great grant tourer. Its only real issue was that it was ugly. If BMW can bring us something a bit sexier, a bit sportier, something with a style and excitement but does the same job, the BMW 6 Series GT could be a very big hit.

1. BMW M5

With the G30-generation BMW 5 Series making a ton of headlines, it’s easy to look forward to the upcoming M5 with excitement. After driving the BMW 540i M Sport, we can already see a great basis for the future M5. The new G30 chassis is lighter, stiffer and stronger than ever before and is capable of offering truly impressive driving dynamics. Even just the BMW 540is we drove were very technically impressive and capable of some serious hustling.


Now, take that package, lighten it some more with carbon fiber and magnesium bits, give it a fire-spitting V8 and fast-shifting dual-clutch gearbox, possibly all-wheel drive and some killer looks and the next-gen BMW M5 will be a monster. The BMW M5 is easily one of the most important cars in BMW’s lineup, as it usually sets the standard for the entire industry and if it doesn’t set the standard high enough, it could be overshadowed by some pretty excellent competitors.

We’re super excited about the future BMW M5, as it’s shaping up to be one of the most interesting in the model’s history. It could be the first time that all-wheel drive is offered on a BMW M car (not SUV). If that ends up happening, that could open up the possibility of another BMW M5 Touring — something we haven’t seen since the E60-generation 5 Series — to compete with the Audi RS6 Avant. If that doesn’t get the petrol flowing through your veins, I don’t know what will.