While BMW’s current-generation 6 Series may be the end of the 6 Series coupe as we know it, with BMW switching the 6 Series to a GT-badged car and the 8 Series taking over BMW’s premium coupe duty, Mercedes-Benz hasn’t given up the fight. The current, and brand-new, generation Mercedes E-Class is one of the best cars in the segment. It has smooth looks, a great cabin and impressive luxury. Now, though, the folks at Stuttgart have injected some sport into its design, with the all-new E-Class Coupe.

Okay, so sport might be a bad way to put it, as the E-Class really isn’t attempting to be sporty, either in sedan or coupe form. But removing two doors does turn the E-Class into more a grand tourer, as opposed to pure luxury sedan. Considering that’s really what the BMW 6 Series currently is also, a grand tourer, let’s take a look at how the two cars compare.


The current BMW 6 Series generation debuted back in 2011, so it’s rather dated, compared to the hot-off-the-assembly-line E-Class Coupe. However, that doesn’t mean it looks dated. The 6 Series is still one of the best looking cars on sale, with class coupe-like proportions. In profile, the 6 Series is still the sleeker, more sensual car, with that long hood and short rear deck. However, the E-Class Coupe is more relaxed, a bit subtler and calmer. It’s far more of a grand tourer than it is a sports car. It is very good looking, though, and should hold its looks for years to come. That’s the benefit of subtlety.

From the front, it really is tough to call between these two. On one hand, the 6 Series looks downright mean, with its low-sloping nose and aggressive hood line. But there’s an elegance to the E-Class Coupe that’s quite endearing. In the end, though, I think the 6 Series takes the face, here. It just has looks that I think will last longer, whereas the E-Class’ big, shiny grille might seem too blingy after a while.


Out back, I don’t think there’s a question, the 6er is the prettier car. While Mercedes-Benz is making some properly pretty cars these days, their coupe rear ends just look off. They look dumpy and the rear approach angle is just too aggressive, it looks like its lifting its pants up. Even though the rear end is probably the 6 Series’ biggest design downfall, it’s not as bad as the E-Class Coupe’s.

On the inside, this is closer than I thought it would be. The 6 Series still has a gorgeous interior and the waterfall effect on the passenger side of the center console is stunning, even after all these years. It still could be BMW’s best cabin, even after the 7 Series and 5 Series have debuted. But Mercedes is killing it with interiors as of late. Despite being incredibly similar to the E-Class Sedan’s, the Coupe’s has just a bit more excitement to it, like the sportier air vents, just enough sport to make it seem enticing. But it’s still wonderfully luxurious and the dual-screen dash looks better than ever, thanks to updated graphics. I still despise the column shifter (it’s not an ’80s Buick, Mercedes, ditch the column shifters), but the rest of it is superb. I think, just because it’s fresher, I’m gonna have to give the Benz the interior nod, but the 6er still has a fantastic cabin.


Overall, the BMW 6 Series I still think is the better looking car. It has more aggressive styling, a more visually interesting design and old-school coupe looks that are simply seductive. The E-Class Coupe is very pretty, though, and will remain a good looking car for years to come, even after it’s replaced.

[Source: Bimmertoday]