Its mixture of power and efficiency will likely make the new 2017 BMW 520d the best seller of the 5 Series in Germany and Europe. The 190 hp four-cylinder diesel B47 engine will also show its qualities as an all-rounder in the new 5 Series and all the more likely to prove why it is one of the most important engines for BMW. The 1,540 kg weight of the G30 BMW 520d will also make it easier on the new 400 Nm engine.

On the outside, the 2017 BMW 520d, for the first time, will feature a tailpipe on the left and right side, an appearance previously reserved for the more powerful six-cylinder engines.

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The BMW 520d is also available with a manual six-speed gearbox, while all other engines are equipped with the eight-speed automatic transmission. While the acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h with manual transmission comes in 7.7 seconds, the BMW 520d with eight-speed automatic delivers 7.5 seconds. Depending on the drive concept and transmission, the maximum speed is between 232 and 238 km/h. BMW’s all-wheel drive xDrive system is also offered as an option.


With a base price of 45,200 euros, the 520d is the market leader of the 5 Series when it launches in February in Europe. Thanks to the eight-speed automatic, the price already climbs to 47,450 euros, with xDrive the 520d costs at least 50,000 euros. Further options like the Luxury Line will increase its price.