If you live in a big city chances are traffic jams have slowly but surely become a part of your life. That said, you might as well try and find some some good sides to being stuck on the road alongside thousands of other people, just as frustrated as you are. BMW apparently wants to help out and they’ve put together a short ad that might just make you laugh watching it.

Most of us hate traffic jams because they are time and nerve consuming. Chip in a manual gearbox and your left leg might even get a proper workout while you’re trying to get home from the office or the other way around. But then again, we might encounter traffic on other occasions as well, or during weekend, when going for family gatherings or anniversaries.


And while it all sounds great at first, as we all know, real-life isn’t as perfect as movies make it seem and sometimes we just don’t get along with our family members. That’s what this commercial seems to suggest, as the BMW driver in it appears not to be in such a hurry to get to his mother in law’s house. From what we can gather, the flowers in the back also imply that there’s a sort of celebration taking place, one he’s not to keen on reaching in time.

Therefore, BMW’s ConnectedDrive system with Traffic Info seems to be able to help out. Designed to help you avoid traffic in the first place, the feature can, of course, also be used to ‘accidentally’ end up in the wrong part of town if, for some reason, you may want to postpone seeing someone. And yes, this is meant to be a joke, don’t take it too seriously.