In just a few days, BMW will kick off the first official press test drives of the all-new 2017 BMW 5 Series. Along with the first driving impressions, we will also get a new set of media assets, including live photos from Portugal and footage showing the middle-class athlete in action. But until then, we have a new set of real life photos from Germany giving us a closer look at a 530d model equipped with the M Sport Package.

The pre-production prototype was spotted near the Dingolfing plant where the manufacturing process of the G30 sedan has just begun. The M Sport Package will be available starting March 2017, just a month after the first 5 Series models are being launched and includes an exterior M Aerodynamic package – front apron with larger air intakes, side skirt trim, a diffusor-style rear apron and an exhaust system with two rectangular tailpipes- lowered M Sport suspension and M light-alloy wheels, in either 18″ or 19″.


The front of the kidney struts and the Air Breather outlets behind the front wheels are painted glossy in black, while this pre-production 530d comes with winter tires already, as required by the German law.


In the interior, the M Sport package includes sports heated seats and a specific cover made, an M Sports leather steering wheel, aluminum trim and some specific details such as the illuminated M entry rails.

In Germany, the price for the M Sport package varies, depending on the motorization, between 4,600 and 5,500 euros.

[Photos: Bimmertoday]