Usually, when people talk about BMW’s New Class models, they reference the E9 or the 1500, 1600 or even the 02 Series. The 2000 models – 2000C or 2000CS -immediately stand out as they are widely known and appreciated for a number of reasons. However, where does a 1969 BMW 2000 CA come in? If you’re a bit lost for words, not knowing exactly what the ‘CA’ stands for, we get it, no need to feel embarrassed.

That’s because the 2000 CA was actually a 2000 C with an automatic gearbox. Therefore, the name implies that you didn’t have to change gears in this car, the Bavarian machine being able to do so by its own. However, going for one of these would take away half the pleasure of driving an old school BMW in the first place. Not only you don’t get a proper feel of the whole thing but you can’t really imagine just how bad shifting gears must’ve been back then. Luckily, the optional automatic gearbox only had three gears.


The engine under the hood of the 2000 models was a 2-liter unit with a single carburetor that allowed them to make 101 HP. Not a lot but then again, the 1969 models won a lot of awards from a variety of magazines, including Road & Track that said the 2000 C was “the best performing 2-liter sedan in today’s market and the best handling and best riding as well.”

If the design of the car in the video might seem a bit odd, it’s because the European and US version of the 2000 C models was a bit different. Due to the US regulations, BMW couldn’t sell its cars with the rectangular headlights it had in Europe. Therefore, circular ones were created for US models that were quite popular back in the day. However, the history of the 2000 C models is quite interesting and it was with them and the New Class range in general BMW managed to make a comeback, even though they were still using coachbuilders back then to put their cars together. Let’s listen to the owner of this 1969 model tell us all about the car he’s driving and what it means to BMW.