Pennzoil launched a new film platform last year, showcasing two clips, known on the internet as Airlift Drift and Prequel. Those two were just prequels for the 2016 commercial which focused on the BMW M6 Coupe. Rhys Millen went behind the wheel of the M6 in the Canadian tundra giving us a quite memorable video.

Drifting on top of a frozen lake, mashing the throttle of a 560 HP beast and tearing through high banks of snow isn’t typically what you’d encounter during your daily commute. That’s probably why the video was extremely popular.


Today, we’re going to take a quick peek at why Pennzoil came out to the Northern Canadian Rockies to sling a BMW M6 coupe around on the ice and snow. The Kananaskis Mountain Range has peaks ranging as high as 10,390 ft above sea level and a frigid climate cold enough to put a motor oil’s viscosity to the test and engines through the wringer.

Let’s have a look.