BMW ReachNow car-sharing service will offer new long-term rates for weekend trips and business travelers in the Seattle area. The long-term rates cater to customers that want to rent one of 520 free-floating vehicles for up to five days. BMW launched their car-sharing service in Seattle this past May and the rates were set at three hours ($50), 12 hours ($80), and 24 hours ($110). ReachNow’s normal rates run at $0.49 per minute (currently at a $0.41 promotional price).

With the current expanded service, the price caps now start at $180 for two days; $250 for three days; $300 for four days; and $350 for five days. Five-day rentals are now offered for the first time.

Holly Houser, ReachNow’s Seattle market manager, told GeekWire that the new price caps were in response to increased customer interest in long-term rentals — for example, taking a weekend trip to the mountains.

“It’s really our commitment to providing a mobility option that is flexible and meets as many mobility needs as our members have,” she said.

There’s also an appeal for business travelers, Houser said.

“They want to use our cars sort of like a rental vehicle and secure a car for a one-to-five day trip when they are in town,” she said.

Even though the price of a shared BMW is higher than the traditional rental car services, BMW says that the program it offers the convenience of things like free parking in city spots.

ReachNow has more than 13,000 members in Seattle.